I have played Ranger/Gunner since Dreamcast. I just switched to Summoner .

Can somone post some good guides or websites?

Also how do you change Wanda into Zelda???

you can evolve Wanda to Jinga but for that you gonna need to get a Jinga egg to do it, still I'm not gonna enter in details of the pets because is a lot of stuff and here is a guide for summoner

One bit, you may want to keep a Wanda around even after getting a Jinga because of the weekly client order from Pietro that rewards double stack pancakes, which can then be upgraded to triple stack. Those pancakes are among the strongest things you can put on your pet's candy box. And as far as I understand, only a wanda can do that order.

@ZorokiHanuke yes only Wanda can do that one, however Wanda is pretty easy to get also you can get mora pancakes using synthetizers

i play su as main and i use the guide TsundereMuse posted there is a discord called phantasy star fleet ( where u can find other class discords for pso2 like the summoner discord where u can ask the writer from the guide or other ppl questions too if u dont understand something (

There are quite a few on youtube. Pick one they are pretty much the same. Best advice is pick a main. I picked jinga, and plan out your sweets box. Compress everything and use every free space you have. Also they have 12stars you can get easily thru the story or collections. I bought a light attack pet then synthesized it to 12.

@overfiend78 there is no need to plan it with the mentioned guide from above bcs it has the best setting for each sweetbox for each pet in it it even mentioned the best sweets u should use for each pet to get the best resoults

and in collection folder 2 there are 13* eggs not 12*