Game Froze on Symbol Art Deletion

Game froze.

Here are the steps of when it happened.

1. I saved a symbol art into a different slot.

2. Deleted the other symbol art.

3. Freeze

Location: I'm at one of the mining bases you defend for a trigger. Waiting in the lobby area just outside the gateway ship. I still have my game open and it's still not responding, sound can still be heard though. Not sure if it's active sound or repeating since no one was around me.

8:25pm EST 8/29/2020 is when this approximately occurred.

I've never had issues with this game like this so it might be some error when deleting a symbol art or it could be something else, I don't know. I will just have to force close my game.


This is the log from SymbolChat log file.

2020-08-29T07:53:54 120 PUBLIC 10492654 Beekay 5a266627ed8c20528c2d91f65b31a321

2020-08-29T07:54:07 127 PUBLIC 11082608 Mirellia ea4e156812021c9314d62d4cd3c492a6

2020-08-29T07:55:36 165 PUBLIC 11149935 Werpa 7ae835fd33f8e7eeed2270313d7fce46

2020-08-29T07:59:23 272 PUBLIC 11082608 Mirellia bec08506d4f8bec5365496db459d7066

2020-08-29T08:11:19 344 PARTY 11042809 LolipopTeen 2b44e3b815797e46a122b6223ca3d9dd

2020-08-29T08:11:24 355 PARTY 11042809 LolipopTeen 2b44e3b815797e46a122b6223ca3d9dd

and this is the end of the Action log before I went into the gateway ship.

2020-08-29T20:23:35 122 [Use] 10360710 TheGodMod Defense Op: Ending Trigger Num(1)

2020-08-29T20:24:03 124 [Buy] 10360710 TheGodMod Monomate Num(1)

2020-08-29T20:24:03 125 [Buy] 10360710 TheGodMod Dimate Num(2)

2020-08-29T20:24:03 126 [Buy] 10360710 TheGodMod Trimate Num(1)

2020-08-29T20:24:03 127 [Buy] 10360710 TheGodMod Moon Atomizer Num(1)

2020-08-29T20:24:03 128 [Buy] 10360710 TheGodMod Meseta(-1000) CurrentMeseta(7657790)

Showing I took out the trigger from storage, bought those items and that's all it shows.

I’m having the same issue on pc and Xbox, can overwrite a symbol art and the game won’t freeze but if I delete any of them then it freezes

Having the same issue as well, overwriting them is no problem for me though thankfully