I would like to point out some unacceptable flaws on the physics of some of the new hairstyles.

This seems to be a more common problem for large characters. The gap between the back and the hair seems to increase exponentially the larger the body of your character. Here are just a few examples with horrendous gaps and hair not flowing how it should. Keep in mind this is just my character standing still:

Hitsugi Hair Down (worst of them all):


Long Side Ponytail:


Kirika Ponytail:


Mitsuru Kirijo:


Xion Long Hair


This is not an issue with any of the base hairstyles. The long hairstyles flow naturally or with no gap. Not all new long hairstyles or ponytails have this issue, but a lot of them do. Especially many of the hairstyles that are coming out on new scratches. It getting really tiring and disappointing that in almost every new scratch there is a hairstyle I would love to wear but has this problem, and I refuse to use it. And if you think that's just how it looks in the preview, no, that is exactly how it looks like wearing the hairstyles. I know because I bought the Kirika ponytail.

I have little hope that the PSO2 team is going to do anything about fixing these existing hair physics problems, but at a bare minimum, I do expect that going forward, when coming up with new hairstyles, you guys reconsider how you are handling your hair physics, especially with future hairstyles and with NGS coming out. I do however really appreciate if this is something that can be fixed sooner then later.

Thanks for considering this feedback.