Everyone who has Rappy Suits, Lillipan suits, Teddy suits, Jack Frost Suits, Morgana suits, and more is invited to Block 55 (in to reference Persona 5) for the ARKs concert in Ship 02 that is happening in 6:30PM(PDT) on Saturday and 2:30PM(PDT) and 7:30PM(PDT) on Sunday. The only reward you get from doing this from me is that I'll give everyone who participates in the dance (if I can make it) an appropriate like in their Lookbook (basically I might say cool or cute in the likes depending on what you have on your Lookbook) or Kudos if you don't have one.

This is just a fun thing that I wanted to do this weekend since this could be the final weekend for the Persona Dance or the week before the last two. But for now it's just a fun idea that I wished I posted earlier because I'm pretty sure not a lot of people are going to notice this in the last minute. That's just it a fun thing to do for this weekend.