Braver/Hunter a few questions from a newbie

Hi everyone, I'm playing on ship 2, just restarted. can anyone point me to some good guides for braver (and the game in general)? (I prefer old style written ones with pics and short videos rather, than the full on video thing as it's harder for me to refer back to, also I'm autistic, so I need to be able to quickly refer back cause stuff takes a while to stick in my brain).

Just got my sublcass for braver and leveled it up 33/31 or thereabouts. I like to use all my weapons really thus far, just dealing with mags mess, but curious if anyone has build that could sound for me? To give you an idea of my playstyle I come from playing years FFXI but have played other MMOs) however i've mostly played Magic Range classes. However when PC release came I tried force and i kinda hated it. But loving braver so much. so deffo wanna keep playing my sexy cat man.

Any all help appreciated

PSO2: A Comprehensive Guide To Katana Braver (Ahri Dreamslayer)

This is a nice, comprehensive guide for a Katana-focused Braver that covers both the basics and more advanced stuff. It has information for both JPN and Global/NA, but there is a clear indication when each is being discussed. The only thing to note is that guide hasn't been updated to show that Global/NA is now at the latest Katana Focus-based balance adjustment., so it still mentions a difference between JPN and NA that no longer exists.

It also links to a Bow Braver guide at the beginning, but that one assumes you have more than basic knowledge of the game, and the writing style can come off as a bit more crass, so be aware of that.

Both also have info on going Hybrid (Katana and Bow), but don't go too in depth with it since you should be able to piece together how it works with each of the separate guides.

This looks awesome thanks buddy

Now i just need something like that for the non class based stuff that needs doing like upgrading weapons and missions in general. I’m pretty sure i’m blindly doing stuff. Like max upgrading my weapons thus far. I dunno i’m pretty lost (in a good way) although yet to make any buddies, i’m eu though so seems pretty quiet when i play. ( or i suck..)

@AndrlCh I'm starting to be worried that i messed up skill tree too.. I thought while i was clicking that I could use the "recommended" option without having to pay for a reset. But what if i want something different from the recommended? i have been learning skills as I go along.

Also really starting to struggle with inventory, are there any weapons that I cannot equip that I should be saving at my level (just hit 40). just read that basically i shouldn't have bothered enhancing my weapon until level 50. So confused right now. might just level some subclasses til i find some answer but that's just gonna give me more weapons.....

Yeah, using the "recommended" build will automatically rearrange things without a Reset Pass, but it isn't necessarily the best build. If worse comes to worst, you do have the option of buying extra Skill Tress that can be reset using SG.

As for weapons, the gear progression for Braver is basically: whatever you can equip to get you by -> Sigma -> Nemesis; you could grab another 13☆ between Sigma and Nemesis, but it may not be the best use of resources. Also, make sure you are getting the +30 Revolsios from the Collection File (from the NPC Prin, the blonde one in white next to Cofy) since they can serve as really good enhancement fodder, and the Katana can serve as the stop gap between Sigma and Nemesis.

Any weapons 9☆ and under are basically one-and-done, and aside from any potentially good augments they may have, you are safe to just vendor them if you aren't going to be equipping them. 10☆ and 11☆ are similar, but you can recycle them at the Swap Shop for Excubes when not needed.

@AndrlCh so to clarify best i stop using recommended setup button and see if it’s fixable? If not buy a new skill tree? Is this with AC i’m assuming?

I just assumed as the game has been out in the east for a while that there would be already some sort of standard set up for all skill points etc. But seems that people still messing around with them? I honestly feel a bit overwhelmed by the game. But your tips are really helpful. Especially the trading the 9*+ weapons they were starting to stack up. I don’t mind paying a bit of AC to reset my skill tree (Or buy one that can be reset with SG) or do i need the 30 day pass. I mean i’m struggling to see how I can incorporate a bow into that katana build without running the risk of having to reset. Tbh. I wanna find my own groove but don’t know whoch would be the cheapest route (like i said I don’t mind paying AC here and there for these sort of things, I just don’t want to waste IRL cash!) Can you explain the skill tree options? Thanks so much

Ok, so first if you look in the guide, there should be some links to Skill Trees (for simplicity's sake, here is the one they have for Hybrid Katana+Bow Br/Hu [make sure to set the language to "English (PSO2NA)" in the top corner]:; there are some things that I would personally modify, particularly on the Hunter Tree, but that comes down to personal preference since it hits the major essentials (ie. all the Fury and Perfect Attack Skills, Healing Guard, and Automate). I haven't taken a look at the "recommended" build in a while, so I'm not sure if you can reach the guide's build based on what you have.

There are no AC Skill Tree resets, rather you have to buy extra Skill Trees thus allowing you to reset those. Extra Skill Trees can be purchased for 500AC a piece at the Class Counter, and they are able to be reset by using the "Move Skill Tree" option (moving the Skill Tree to another class and back will reset it, at a cost of 200SG [100SG for each move]). You could also wait until Episode 5 releases, as they will more than likely be distributing free All Skill Tree Resets (one for every character you have).

Brill thanks, i ended up spotting some actual skill trees eventually and that one is the one i personally liked more than purely katana, although the guy who wrote the guide said don't play bow with controller, but meh. just need to find a way to be able to use my pallette from the keyboard whilst controller works. i plaid mage with crazy amount of spells with controller/keyboard/mouse, i realise this game is more action than the old tab target stuff, but still. anyways. i really apreciate.

i'd been looking for the Extra skill trees but ofc they're not in the ac shop but somewhere else.

I'll probably buy one then use the skill reset on the current one and level a different class with it when expansion is out

@AndrlChI I just found this on the Force character i made at PC release no idea when or how it got there, but I'm so frikking happy,i think i will wait to use though, still can't decide what kind of Braver to go with, will mess around a bit into the mid 50's (guessing playstyles changes a little after that level as in most MMORPGs). Is Episode 5 going to happen soon i wonder, was trying to find info but didn't find much.

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We did have Reset Passes distributed with Episode 4's release, so if you made that character before then, that is where it came from.

As for Episode 5, it is supposed to launch in Q3, so in theory some time this month. Given that the final Episode 4 Story UQ is next week, we might see it release on the 16th or the 30th.