New to the game/class - Mags question

So I played the game and as have played a lot of JMMORPGs I tried my best not to waste resources, but I fed my mags because it seemed harmless to do,think i'm going to get a new mags and go max dex as i like to like to use both katana and bow. is there any way to save my current one for anything??? Many thanks in advance Mags.png

You can easily turn that Mag into a pure DEX Mag since you aren't that far along with it, but it will first require you to get it to at least level 101 (level 117 would make it easier to do in one go) and you need 85 Excubes.

All you need to do is raise your Mag on pure DEX from here on out (feeding PA/Tech Discs and Crafted PA/Tech Discs, and using DEX Mini Devices from the Photon Sphere Shop); then once it is above level 100, you can use Mag Level Down Devices (5 Excubes each from the ExCube Shop) to start removing the levels you have in things other than DEX.

You make me so happy, had i not been impatient with the answer, got another mag feeding it discs only. Thought could just make this into melee only in case i want to go full katana later. Guessing you can only have 1 mag active at a time?

@N3ko5en5ei Well, since you did already buy another, you can basically do the same thing I mentioned, just making it into a MEL-Pwr one (feeding Melee Weapons and Monomates to balance each other, and using MEL Mini Devices), and it will cost less Excubes since you are only reducing 7 levels instead of 17.

There is no benefit to having a MEL-Pwr Mag as a Katana-only Braver since a DEX Mag covers it (and can stack with Phantom's Mag Skill, giving you 400 MEL-Pwr instead of just 200), but you may want to try Hero and Etoile when they come out, and their Mag Skill needs a pure Pwr Mag.

And yes, you can only equip one mag at a time.

Not planning on being katana only though

Ignore that i’m tired. So no point in having a melee power mag as a braver at all atm?

@N3ko5en5ei Correct. Braver (and Bouncer, and eventually Phantom) has no need for Pwr Mags because of how its Mag Skill converts a Mag's DEX directly into Pwr stats (MEL- and RNG- for Braver, MEL- and TEC- for Bouncer, and MEL, RNG-, and TEC- for Phantom).

That said, it isn't a bad idea to have that pure MEL-Pwr Mag for testing/leveling other Melee classes and the Scion classes, Hero and Etoile.

Yeah could be good for them subclasses

@AndrlCh what’s a scion class?

@N3ko5en5ei They are new classes that come out with Episode 5 and 6. They are standalone classes that use existing weapons in different ways, and two of the three can also be used as very versatile subclasses.

Sounds nice!