Support Page isn't loading, logs me out when I attempt to access it

Hi, not sure if I'm alone on this one but it seems like a strange issue and happens on multiple browsers I've tried. Here's the play-by-play:

While on the page, I log in with Steam, then click the "Player Support" icon. A new page starts to load ( ) but only for a second before bringing me right back to , now logged out. I noticed the url it is attempt to load says "restricted" which might have something to do with it? Same thing happens if I go to Support > Contact Us Now and enter my email. Upon submitting I get logged out again. If it makes a difference, I originally started this account on Xbox and transferred to Steam when it launched.

Any help with this would be great as I'd like to reset my personal shop PIN, thanks!

Don't hold your breath; support is 2 weeks out on giving me a reply after I bought Premium Pass and the game bugged out and gave me nothing. Some players have been waiting longer.

Yeah I figured it'd be a long shot, everyone seems to be having issues going unaddressed. Even tried on Twitter and no luck.