in game polling system

to gage player feed back on certain topics an in game poll system with reward for participating should be implemented, this way actual player will be encouraged to participate in voting on game matter like the height and censorship topics

runescape does a similar system to what i describe and it works well and encourages player participation

Nice, this is the best solution

I would say might as well expand it to a full blown in-game survey on the state of the game. Fate/Grand Order actually does a survey on the state of the game every year and gives incentives to players for filling it out.

I would likely add a level requirement restriction to prevent people from just making accounts to repeatedly fill out the survey, however. Perhaps a level 50 requirement, the level you need to unlock SH, or should it be lower?

Poll systems seem to work pretty well in most games, they let the developers know what people actually like and dislike. I agree, Sega should totally implement this, as they already have in some of their other games. It'll also keep developers from wasting their time working on features which, as soon as implemented, might end up being hated by players.

Apart from controversial matters and votes on what kind of features or QoL updates people want I'd also suggest adding a rating system to this, where people can rate newer things that have been implemented or how much enjoyment players had with certain parts of the game on a scale from 1 to 10 or something.

Another reason why this can be helpful is the speed in which feedback is returned to the devs. The current system is having Estsoft compile, translate, and then forward the translated feedback to Sega of Japan. That is a lot of work and takes time, meaning there is likely a delay in feedback reaching the devs; not to mention time zone. Meanwhile, data from the in-game poll can be sent immediately to the devs, with the only delay being the time zone difference.

There would probably even a way for the devs to immediately check up on the results of the poll from Japan.

Yeah I'd like to see some voting/polling in the forums

Yeah a secure system being in place would be great. I think certain restrictions like minimum time within the last week's logged in would be good. Just to make sure people do not cheat the system.