New NGS Information Released (all cosmetics transfer)

Basic summary:

  • NGS and Legacy PSO2 will exist as a single game.

  • All Outfits and any 'wares' will transfer.

  • Symbol Art transfer.

  • The graphical update involves transitioning from DirectX9 to DirectX11.

  • You can chat with players playing Legacy PSO2.

Looks like no mix-matching of cosmetics from PSO2 with NGS.

"Regardless of the face variant option selected, outfits and wearable items from both PSO2 and PSO2:NGS are available to equip. Nonetheless, wearable items from PSO2 and PSO2:NGS cannot be equipped together at the same time."

"Regardless of head parts option selected, arm, body, leg parts from both PSO2 and PSO2:NGS are available to equip. Nonetheless, arm, body, and leg parts from PSO2 and PSO2:NGS cannot be equipped together at the same time."

Why are they going with DX11? Do they not know that DX12 is a thing?

@BFGesus-0 DX12 doesn't have a overall change is just more a upgrade of DX11 so they don't need to throw to 12 right away

Slightly disappointed, tho I hope they do updates to old outfits to make them functional with PSO2 NGS body meshes and fingers.

I'm just glad most everything will work between the two.

@BFGesus-0 Other than the newest graphics features that a niche game like PSO2 isn't gonna use (like raytracing), the main differences between DX11 and DX12 boil down to DX11 relying more on the drivers while in DX12 the devs have more control over how the game interacts with the hardware (which is not always a good thing, if a game's dev team does not handle this well, it can result in DX12 mode having worse performance than DX11).

Don’t forget weapon camos also making the move.

@redBadger22 maybe over the course of NGS but as it is right now, time and resources are probably best spent on working on NGS content.

You forgot these VERY IMPORTANT NOTES:

*When equipped with PSO2 outfits and wearable items, their fingers do not move.
*When equipped with PSO2 CAST parts, fingers do not move.
Also, Body Paint that are designed with PSO2 specifications cannot be used on PSO2: NGS physiques.
new accessories available to obtain in PSO2:NGS will have more expanded customizability than accessories of PSO2

@kztm All relatively minor things imo. Sans maybe the body paint thing. But it sounds like the accessories system is getting expanded so things like socks/tights would go there and body paint can be more religated to things like tattoos. So i'm for that.

The fact that NGS will essentially exist as "another mode" in PSO2 is pretty good news, I think. They're going to exist as two "modes" which complement each other in a single game, rather than two separate games, meaning there's no real drawback to wanting to still play PSO2, as you can just switch between the two in seconds and also communicate across the games. Chances are, the games will interact in some way too to encourage people to play both.

This is the best news, I think.