Dedicated Support Build Questions

Hi, I'm running a pure support te/fo build with the focus of maximum Healing Potential and Buffs. Support is really my favorite thing, and I've noticed that there isn't a lot of full Support builds out there for PSO2NA yet.

Currently It is maxed out in both tec-power and resta potential by skill tree. I opted to not use reverser, the 10 minute cool down makes it completely useless.

A few build questions surrounding resta:

  • Since this is Full on support build, and the character really, really doesn't care about dealing damage in the extreme majority of situations (Healing and Buffing receive priority over dealing damage), are there any Techs I Should avoid completely?

  • What Force or Techter skills boost Resta's effects, aside from the 5 points used in Advanced Resta Bonus?

  • If you were doing a pure support build, especially for Ultimate Quests, What skills would you Choose?

Currently, I Heal a maximum of 2056 HP with all buffs, on the current (bad) set up. I'd love to shoot for 1100 on a uncharged Resta, just to see what fun I can have with numbers.

resta Smol.png

Apologies. I accidentally posted this on my old XBox account. Please DM this account with any questions.

well you not gonna find support build because is pretty much not worth it to do it but you are invested in that so don't bother with the element bonus because they not gonna affect resta or any other support techs, what you want is the support bonus, pp recovery because you really gonna need it

If you're doing complete support, you want to be playing TeRa over TeFo. While TeFo is one of the best Techter combos, it's more for dealing damage than support, as Fo doesn't really assist with supporting at all.

What you do is run an all-class rifle loaded with Blight Bullets, and you cast the following things:

  • Shifta
  • Deband
  • Resta
  • Anti
  • Zanverse (this is your main source of damage)
  • Megiverse
  • Zondeel

While applying Blight Bullets where appropriate. You also have Stun Grenade and Gravity Bomb, which can be thrown to give you PP back with Tactical Trap. You have max Dive Roll Advance for the sake of defence, and Keep Roll Shot allows you to gain PP while Blight Bullets are still loaded.

The skill tree will look like this:

The trees aren't fully maxed, as this is all you need for support. The rest of the points are up to you.

For rings, you will want your left ring to be Precision Blight Rounds, and your right ring to be Critical Field. Keep Critical Field up as much as possible.

For Resta, only base TEC (this includes skill tree TEC) and TEC from augments affect it.

Ah, yes thank you so much! I'll give it a whirl.