@kztm said in PSO2 NA 4 LYFE?! Maybe.. I dunno.. ;0 ;/:

For me, I'm just going to have fun, and then get a fresh start in NGS. That's what games are about, really. Just having fun. When you start thinking if time "invested" is worth it, then it's easy to lose sight of the fun.

Yeah, for all thats been said in this thread at this point it boils down to that. @Leyaa And I AM HAVING FUN too. And definitely learning so much still. With crafting and recent switched to a Te (Techter) / Bo (Bouncer), yes I know it not considered easy or particular current, but its a recommend class/sub-class combo in the game manual. And I like the idea of it. And as long as I can put up effective DPS its generally ok.

I think no matter how it ends up slicing, whether its a NA shutdown after a certain amount of time after NGS and stood up on its own two feet or the extend NA with EP7, for me it will be a matter of a long pause/personal grieving process. And X amount of time after NA is long gone and NGS is there. I would be remiss if I didn't say that I'd be walking around its edges thinking hard about a return/rebirth.

Admittedly a lot of this is pretty emotionally over the top. Perhaps even especially for someone who never played JP, a deep regret at this point, and thus arguably could not have as or more of an attachment. Then one who has played JP etc. All I could say is PSO (Pre-Online) on the DreamCast was one of the greatest gaming memories I've had. To the point of screaming "Hooooly shit!!! Hooolly shit!!" multiple times in a crowd of easily 30+ strangers when it was announced as coming in one of the Microsoft Xbox upcoming game events in 2019. ;~)

Depending on how my cat shelter building/fixing and charity gaming corp activities go. I suspect I might "drop" in NGS somewhere in 2022.


o/ =^.^=