Why do our char models look so different from what they do in the saloon?

Most of it boils down to angles and lighting. My character has smaller eyes, so the iris shapes can be really tricky. Most of them look beautiful in the Salon angles and lighting, but in story they get washed out to the point where they almost disappear. I've had to go with no highlights, which looks bizarre in the salon, but great elsewhere.

Yeah im finding that, and I think it’s going to be impossible to do a perfect replica, she’s has so many different chars models, depending on her outfits not and which episode you’re playing

For what it's worth, she looks great so far and I personally don't see any flaws.

Thanks, I’m just a bit of a perfectionist, especially once I start sinking some time into something.

Yeah, I'm the same way so I feel you. If anything, just keep playing as her and make adjustments over time until you feel she's just right. Story is a great place to see your character in angles you never pictured, which I'm sure you've noticed, so as new content comes out I'm sure you'll find that perfect spot.

Can you stop using your phone for screenshots and just use the ingame function?

Welcome to PSO2's lighting.

Go to Ep 4's Bridge and you'll wonder why your skin looks so pale that you'd think you're a CAST.

@Ephemiel That lighting is so pretty imo. It's like the US version of The Ring with all those green hues. But very pale, like you said lmao

No idea if others have mentioned it, but the character editor also has settings to change environments and lighting. You can pose your character in places like forest and other locations. That may help you with the more minuscule details.

Lighting and shaders have the largest impact on visual graphics.

Though for some MMOs, the teams are not above using hi-res models for NPCs only.

@twilight Unrelated but I love your Rinoa avatar

Thanks. The scaling blurs the "text" but it says "Extricate"(to free someone/thing from constraints).

Change salon field to shopping area. Problem fixed.

idk sometimes my avatar face be looking ugly in the cut scenes like when the camera is facing directly at her. But then if she's standing off to the side it looks fine. I try not to worry about it too much cuz even the canon characters look ugly at certain angles and lighting.

I thought everyone started to look better when you spend time in the saloon