Jetboots Strike Question

Good Evening Bouncers I am currently lvling this class! and I have a question i read that you don't need a melee mag if you already have a dex mag which I do i have a lvl 200 dex mag with all of its lvls in dex. So I have a question about how this talent, could some one calrify exactly how it works and if I should take it or not and when should I have it on at etc. I just got done doing a DPS test on the practice quest and am not seeing any noticeable dps difference with it on and off. Thanks again for the answers! Just want to add as well I am only lvl 22

Basically Switch Strike makes it so that instead of using TEC-Pwr for Jet Boots damage calculations, you use MEL-Pwr. If your total TEC-Pwr (as seen on your Character Stats screen) is higher than your MEL-Pwr, then there is no need to use Switch Strike, but if your total MEL-Pwr is higher, then you do. Right now, your TEC- and MEL-Pwr are probably low and close enough that you wouldn't see a difference one way or the other.

You really would only be using it if you are planning on using both Jet Boots and Soaring Blades, so you can use MEL-Pwr Augments on your Units instead of having to make mixed ones. If you are only using Jet Boots, then you don't need to use it and can just focus on TEC-Pwr Augments.