Less people in UQ's

Or at least some of them. Just did 4 player mother on XH with some buddies and it was legit the most fun and hype thing so far lol. Took about 20 minutes but those 20 minutes were a blast! (With the exception of the first part, urgh)

Hence this suggestion, without nerfing their damage or health I'd love to see UQ's like Mother, Luther, Gemini be reduced to 8 players.

Or 6 player, and making it possible to make 6 player parties for these specifically.

My first experience with XH Mother was kind of underwhelming (very actually) because it died far too quick lol. (~5 minutes) and so I stopped doing the UQ. Then one starts when done with an AQ but since we were late to queue, we ended up not finding others doing it and so we just went in with 4... and man, that was so much more fun. xD

We 3-manned Yamato before it went into rotation and it was a blast too lol

I think 12-manned missions should stay, but it'd be cool to have more ways of accessing triggers since those allow you to control the number of people in the instance.