S&W's Third Massive Player Event: The Tokyo Block Party!!! Aug 28th 8pm EST Ship 2

After an amazing Fan Dance Event in JuneOptimized-18.png and an amazing Beach Episode in JulyOptimized-14.png Space and Wolf brings its last event of the summer: The Tokyo Block party!!!!Optimized-11.png

The only thing needed to come is an Urban/Casual modern outfit! (Anything you would see in Tokyo IRL) During the party, there will be a race with prizes equaling over 25 million meseta! The first place for Tokyo A course is Megumin Hat, and first place for B course is Megumin hair! 202-2023872_megumin-from-konosuba-black-desert-megumin.png

Megumin-Hat.jpg Megumin-Hair.jpg

Pickup for the party will be 10 minutes before the event on blocks 2,7,11, and 69! Rules are simple: Don't be an ass, don't spam, no emersion breaking outfits, and have fun! (animal accessories are allowed, they do appear in akiba after all~)



This will be our last event until further notice so don't miss out!!!!

Make sure to come by ^_^ we won't be doing any events until Halloween at the earliest!