Welcome fellow Hunters!!

Sword and Partizans are my life !

@Morneth I want to boost my offensive power What do i do in terms of Skills and Gear?

@KOSMOSFAN22497 there's many things you can do to raise your power. I would start with raising your mag to have 200 MEL as that's the main stat Hunter works towards. Other ways to boost your offensive power would be to make sure that you're investing in things such as Fury Stance in your skill tree. (I don't know what it's called in NA just yet, but I advise investing in War Cry to. NA doesn't have level 80 yet, but in the Japanese version you get a special skill that makes it to where you can inflict a really nice debuff on enemies, thus making you a viable asset to the party, and when you use War Cry with that skill you gain a boost in power as well. War Cry also brings enemy attention to you so that your weaker party members can focus on attacking from a distance.

@KOSMOSFAN22497 Also make sure you invest in your gear skill for your weapons. Sword gear makes it to where when it's full, charged PAs charge much quicker, Partizen Gear makes you dish out more dmg. etc

I'm going to use Swords mostly but I will occasionally use the other weapons.

Swords are part my religion! Hunters FTW!!

Hunter main, from the start because of that excellent Sword action! ^^; Not saying I won't try something else, but I really do love getting up close and personal with my enemies and being the wall for my allies. To my fellow Hunters out there, here's to what will be an awesome year going in.

Fight on!

Plan on hunter main first don't know about weapon choice. Like the sword for sure wire lance i like but i don't think it will be good on ultimate difficulty. Idk about partisans yet still need more atk power to use the rare one i have. I'm level 30 something using last survivor.

The Zaxe was hella OP in the closed beta

.... I loved it

I'm just using whatever the best drop I get during quest until I get enough badges or crest for a more decent starter type wep

I will be maining Hunter / Fighter primarily. My weapon of choice would certainly be sword. My favorite thing to do is charge parry / parry. I will be aiming on improving those factors. Anything else I try will either be a sub, alternative, or class I'm maxing for bonus stats and just to have the skill points. Hunter is my favorite due to the parrying, and due to them being up close and personal with. I also just want to have as much damage as I can. Glad to be here with y'all. It's a little lonely being a hunter without having a group of other hunter mains to discuss things with.

Wire Lances ...unless I find a Chain Sawd.

Well really I like all the weapons. Mostly a question of what PA's I've got.