Welcome fellow Hunters!!

I hope you're all ready for what's to come!!

@oNazri said in Welcome fellow Hunters!!:

I hope you're all ready for what's to come!!

For all the Hunter mains/players just curious to what Weapons you'll be using during the OBT?

I'll be using Sword and Partizan (spear) during the CBT but more than likely sticking to Partizan during Launch how about you guys?


Sword is my main.

Wired Lances are so much fun!

Double Sabers for me!

Hi everyone!


Sword and wired lances are my pick

I definitely embraced "Big Sword Energy" during this Beta.

I've been using mostly Partizan so far. I'd like to try wired lance more, but I read it's not as strong at the end game?

Partizan for sure. But I sure I will play everything.

If we can customize PAs in OBT, I'll definitely roll swords. Customized Sacrifice bite, or whatever it happens to be called in NA can help mow down enemies easily up to SH.

I'm still waiting for the PC version of NA, but if anybody needs any advice on Hunter please give me a message. I used to main Hu/Fi on Ship2JP

As a hunter I had no idea what I was doing and lost count of the times I fell on the ground.

Swords and Partizans, baby! Nothing but weapons that are three times the size of myself to use!