Trying to make the perfect Matoi replica


This is my progress so far spent about 2 and a half hours trying to get it right. Has anyone managed to get closer, and if you have can you share your settings?

JP players already made templates to look like your favorite character. See this one for Matoi:

Im actually amazed this link from 2013 still works.

@S4kuja thanks for the tip, I tried the settings, but it didn’t really look the same for me for some reason. I did find out you can just download char files, I found one but it’s for a human and my char a deuman. I did try a converter but I couldn’t get it to work, so does anyone know if a deuman matoi file is kicking around somewhere?

In the mean time I e been playing around with the settings more, here’s where I’m at atm88B752DE-55A0-45FD-BDCA-9717C71EBDA2.jpeg

Unless someone finds a char file for a deuman off her, this is pro going to be the best I can do. Deuman have slightly different facial structures, which means it’s going to take someone more skilled than me to get it to be perfrct


This tool will let you convert any character file from one race to another (basically, it just modifies some hex values that indicate what race the character is).

@AndrlCh thanks I’ll give that a go


That did the trick first time, some of the setting didn’t transfer over, but all the important face shape and structures did. The rest was was just skin colour, adjust horns, and matching eye colour on