Because you can see old Sega systems on display at the fun counter, I think we should be able to get these old consoles and place them in our personal quarters. In addition to this, I think Sega should sell their old games and make them playable by accessing them with these in quarter systems. Something like the Jukebox. A) it would be a way for Sega to monetize PSO2 more B) for people like me who want to support the game, but don't want to spend money on chances to get items like with scratch tickets. This would be something I'd spend money on. C) If when people came to visit your quarters it would be nice if you could even play these games with them, make your quarters more functional. D) maybe even attach more titles with this, like beat Sonic the Hedgehog and get a new title etc. or E) get a stat boost for beating the old original Phantasy Star games. Things like that, or maybe you could even do special events attached with this. F) Sega has always done things over the years that is ahead of what other companies are doing, so why not have something like a Steam service, but built right into the world of a game? Come on Sega, I know you can do this. You've already released your old games on current gen systems I know it can be done, but maybe I'm just an old crazy Sega fan. I've been supporting Sega since the Master system and have been a die hard Phantasy Star fan since the first Phantasy Star game.