AC dissapeared

I'm a steam user and I had AC on my account. With this new AC scratch that had JUST released I decided to buy more and got $25 worth of AC, that way I can do two 12 scratches. Once I was able to login I saw that I had around 4900 AC. I was able to do the scratch once, then as I was doing the second one it said that there was a server error and it had disconnected me, I was taken back to the ship / character selection screen. I logged back into my character and when I went to go back to finish off the scratch, there was no AC in my account. I had checked my inventory and storage to see that, maybe, the scratch went through and went straight into my inventory / storage, but I was unable to find anything.

This is a huge problem right now. Same thing happened to me and my premium ticket 60, getting an error, had to relog back in and the AC were gone. The only you can do right now is to open up a ticket, but don't get your hopes up. I've been waiting for over a week with no reply. Others reported, that they were waiting for months with no reply or a reply, that "everything went as expected, you should have the items". and no further investigation on that, although they made a couple of tickets.

sega and pso2 support just ignoring the problem is the real problem though. at this point, not even the forum GM's are raising awareness or caring about this issue.

Ugh. That's awful. What terrible support for such an amazing game.

@PandaBURRR I think the Gms are doing it, just that the volume is big.

Best course of action is to open up a support ticket.

Well the problem is, that they don't do anything to those support tickets for a long time. Mine is open for 9 days. A friend of mine with the same problem for 17 days. It's just incredible bad and doesn't present support and GM's in any good light at all, if nobody replies, like at all.

@PandaBURRR I know someone who was going up to a month but eventually they got it resolved.

That is still extremely long, pretty much unacceptable thinking about that 24-48 hrs max is the norm for every single company, that has some sort of support team. At least for a reply. Just makes me think even worse about the whole support team. -sigh- Even official sega support got back to me within 24 hrs, although they said to me, to go and contact the pso2 support specifically, point is, they got back to me right away.

Yeah everyone is different. I know it was really really bad when pc released. Support needs more support employees.

Thats such a big oof. Thanks for letting us all know though. Good to have at least any sort of information.

@PandaBURRR No problem. Best of luck, I hope it turns out good for everyone.