Any proposed solutions to these bots?

Sega should send some ninja assassins

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Sega should send some ninja assassins

Yeah, Nice try.

@kztm ow u didnt get me for me u or any1 else can sit even in option menu for whole day and if that fits u or any1 keep it up i dont mind

i just dont do it so i didnt understand where problem is coming from

kinda in same way u will never understand why u should brush ur dog until u get one

anyway for me i believe they should give silent chat bans in lobby if like 80% of ur 3rd message in a row is the same

But honestly why would people buy meseta in the first place, like its relatively easy to earn , not to mention buying scratch tickets and sell the outfits from the scratch.

Also those meseta sites obviously steal account data and other stuff.

Smh I will never understand.

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sit even in option menu for whole day

Well then you should stop thinking that sitting in the lobby isn't playing the game.

But let's gloss over that as it's a waste of time for everyone.

As to string comparison, the tech exists (e.g. computer aided translation), but it may be too involved to be applied in a live situation. You would have to store every single player's Area chat in a database, and instantly compare that to their previous message. But you can't just compare to the previous message, because it's very easy to avoid, just by having two or ten, twenty variations on your spam message. So you end up having to store maybe 10-50 previous messages and every time a new message is sent to Area chat, you have to compare that new one to 50 previous messages. The computational load adds up quickly, yet the whole system is still very easily defeated by methods such as interlacing the RMT URL into random lorem ipsum. The human brain picks up the URL immediately and filters out the lorem ipsum, but the computer will think the message is a completely new one.

It's one of those things that are easy for a human to do, but hard for computers to do.

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Just do what I do. You can push other characters and move them where you want to. I like pushing them into the elevator on the second floor to the bridge. It annoys them. They have even started trying leaving their characters in corners to make it more difficult for me to do so, but it doesn't stop me. It's fun to mess with them. In some cases it's even getting them to leave and go to other blocks, but I'm retired and have nothing better to do, so let the games being! LOL!

It's obvious why this isn't a 2 way client side thing. People would be abusing it big time lol.

I have an Idea. Sega spends $1 and buys some meseta. Finds out how they transfer the money. Track that method for a month or so... ban everyone who bought it.