Question about Spread Needle Potential

I don't know where else to post this. So the potential for the Spread Needle: First of all it says it's power is boosted when you're a certain distance from the target. Is this close range or long range? Also the power boost itself, does it only apply to the additional regular attack or all damage?

Close Range and applies to normal attacks, dive roll shots, PAs, and special bullet shots. You basically have to be within about 2.5 dive rolls from the enemy, and there is a small windows near the outside of that where Sharp Shooter still activates.

Alright good to know, thanks.

Does the needle drop? Where?

@Scerms77 Currently, Spread Needle has dropped from Mining Base Defense 4 specifically from Dark Falz Apprentice. And, since we now have Mother UQ, it can also drop from Mother.

Thanks for the Info. So we can only get it from urgent quests? Did I get that right?

No way to really farm that beauty 😥

@Scerms77 I mean... there's the potential that it can drop from trigger quests, since we're all given a free trigger to fight Mother, but we'll have to wait to be able to obtain more from Fresh Finds shop. Keep an eye out for people running trigger quests!