Pet Cameos???

I am new to Summoner and I have a Question: Are there items that change the look or one's pet? I know that there are items out there that can change the looks of certain weapons for other classes such as changing the look of a normal set of twin daggers to look like a fan without changing what that weapon actually does. But do such cameos exist for pets? For instance: could I change my Wanda to look like a Nine-Tailed Fox? Or maybe change my Sally pet to look like a Jack Frost from Persona?

You know what, I stand behind that. It's a really good idea. One of the reasons I don't run summoner is I don't like how the pets look. Just a Cat would be nice.

There are no camos or skins for Pets, in the normal sense. There are just palette swaps for them that only drop as 14* Eggs (though as far as I know, they are not yet available on the global server):

Thats wrong 2 S egg's you can get from ult quest as current S Marron And S Melon more will be added with time.