Best End Game Braver Katana.

Hello Bravers,

I am new to the game and my first class is Braver. I have been reading a lot and now I wonder what's the best end game katana and whats the way to acquire this certain weapon. I am lvl 61 now and I am using Nox Katana. Soon I will be able to get both Saiko and Yamigarasu. So what should I focus on after getting those and where should I farm/grind to get them. If they are sold on market I will probably not be able to buy them, so farming is my option 😄 Thanks in advance.

Imo the best weapon is not in the game yet, as we still don't have 15*. Also the type of weapon also depends on the affixes you have on it. The added crafting so you can also customize your items a bit better. For the time, The Couger would be your best bet. Here is a small guild that may help you out.*d4uhvOTPDUd1kBUY63XkFA#heading=h.6z9tu0vegwjh

Thanks for the repply Eric, I will surely look into it. 🙂

As of right now nemesis cougar is arguably the best katana