Cast parts disparity

Like four out of the last five scratches have had zero cast parts. Any scratches that have had CV or GV sets usually just have them cut rather than replaced, what's up with this? Why are we working at an increasing lack of cast sets? This is especially compounded by the fact that you guys have straight up skipped most of the older cast sets to shove in as many late game pieces as you can so some of the best sets seem to never to see the light of day on NA.

Agreed. There is already massive bloat with innerwear you can't see for the most part, so why not at least remove some of it for cast parts? Non-cast players at the very least might get a little bit of money instead of a recycling badge for Xth male boxers they pull.

Or hell, don't squish the tickets all into one and instead release two at once (though still cut some of the bloat please, otherwise you're going to hunt the whales to extinction before NGS)