Bought Premium Pass, received nothing.

I bought the Premium Pass last week, using AC purchased through Steam. When I purchased the pass, the game crashed with an error. When I logged back in, my AC was gone, the pass was in my purchase history, and yet no Premium service was activated nor was any Premium Pass in any of my storages (per the search feature while searching in all storages at once). Nothing has been received through the Visiphone either.

I have submitted a support ticket and received no reply. In fact, recent posts show that many players have had this same problem recently, and nothing is being done. One user has been waiting since April.

Hopefully someone from the company will see this and do something. This is unacceptable.

At this time, support has not contacted me and no Premium Pass or other related items have been given.

I will update this post daily until Support does something.

Support has not contacted me, and I have not received my items.

Support has not contacted me, and I have not received any items.

Be careful when you buy, because there's two ways to buy your stuff :

  • Buy to Inventory
  • Buy to Storage

Try to check for your storage if you don't see your pass in the inventory.

The Premium Pass item is not in my inventory or storage. I have looked thoroughly, for days.

Also, as of today Support has not contacted me and I have not received my items.

This may be a stupid question, but have you installed/used both the windows and the steam version?

If you purchased on steam, check the steam version. If you purchased using microsoft store check that version.

I'm using the Steam version of the game. The Premium Pack however is purchased in-game, not through Steam. They don't sell the items, they only serve as a portal for AC transactions.

I took a few days off on a work vacation. Regardless, as of today, Support has not responded and I have not received my items. They were purchased over 2 weeks ago now.


I see you are active on another thread. Could you please look into this situation? I purchased Premium over 2 weeks ago, received no Premium Pass or premium benefits, and Support has not gotten back to me.

I am close to putting down the game for good if I cannot get a response; I spent money and received nothing.

Hi there. Yes, I'll bring this up with the team.

Thank you. I did get a response shortly after your message, however all they said was that the issue was "complex" and will take time to "thoroughly investigate", and they told me to wait longer.

Perhaps it will take time for your team to investigate why the bug happened, but it should not take much time to see that I did in fact purchase the Premium Pass (it's in my purchase history, of which I attached a screenshot to the original ticket) and that no Premium Pass exists on my account. Confirming those two things is all it would take to solve this for me, and instead they just placed me back in the ticket queue and told me to wait longer.

I will stop updating this post every day. I'm not holding my breath that anything is actually happening though; this should be an issue solved within minutes of researching my account, but they needed weeks just to tell me that they haven't actually done anything yet.

Hoping for the best, of course.

Thank you for reaching out, GM Deynger.

Of course. I'll continue asking about it as well.

Still nothing. No items, no further response beyond that it's "complicated".

I guess it really is complicated for the team to give me the items I purchased, as other threads about this same issue are popping up.


Hey, sorry to bother you again, is there any update on this? After your last response I got an email saying that they were working on it, and I've received nothing since. It's been a couple more weeks. They haven't asked for any additional info, clarification, not even another email saying it's being looked at. Just nothing.

What's the normal turnaround on something like this?

Oh wow, a GM response. Never thought i would see that at all. I would love to be updated as well @GM-Deynger , same problem, ticket has been opened up over a month ago with no response in sight.