How do I do more dmg

Playing as a Ranger and I'm at lvl 52 but still only doing 200-800 per bullet. It's annoying to play because everything gets killed before I have a chance to even do anything or participate in the fight.

A couple of the biggest things are going to be Skill Tree and subclass.

If possible, could you recreate your Skill Trees on the Skill Sim (make sure to set the Langauge to "English (PSO2NA)" in the top, right corner), and post a link to it? Or maybe just post some in-game screen shots of them?

Additionally, what weapons are using and what are their grind level?

I'm basically following this guide right here. Idk what you mean by the weapon grind level because I'm pretty new

@buddy While it is helpful to see what guide you are following, to know that your current issue is, it is best to know what Skills you currently have on your Tree. (Also, maybe you should take down that link since it openly advertises RMT meseta purchases.)

As for Grind level, when you look at your weapon, it is the number after the name (ie. Like Elder Rifle +10).

on weak points its sometimes 1500 but I figure thats pretty trash also

On your Hunter Tree, you look fine, but you really should have focused first on getting the Fury Stance Skills and Perfect Attack Bonus Skills up first since they are where the majority of your damage comes from with Hunter. Just make sure you get those done before going for something like Automate or Iron Will.

As for your Ranger Tree, that needs a lot of work, and it looks like you really didn't follow the guide you linked earlier for it. Your biggest mistake was maxing out Dexterity Up and Ranged PWR Up 1 and 2. In this game, Skills that raise raw stats are not worth the Skill Point cost compared to Skills that give damage multipliers. Those 27 Skill Points you spent on them would have been much better used in maxing out skills like Sharp Shooter, Stationary Fire 1 and 2, and Mobile Fire.

@AndrlCh Ok thanks, I figured I messed the ranger part up because I followed the guide after.

@AndrlCh Sorry to bother again but do you have any tips on how I could make my damage a little better until I am able to get a free skill reset?

Well, based on what you have, here's my advice for where to go with your leveling going forward:

  • On your Hunter Tree, make sure to max Fury Stance, Fury Stance Up 1 and 2, and Perfect Attack Bonus 2, and get Perfect Fury Bonus to at least 5. You don't really need to put anything in Critical Fury since Ranger/Hunter doesn't have a way to get your Critical Rate that high, even with the Critical Strike Range (R) ring.

  • On your Ranger Tree, looking at the amount of SP you have used (57), the first thing you want to do is Risa's second 5 Skill Point Client Order, then from there, up to lv75 do the following with the 28 Skill Points you will get:

    • Put 3 SP into Sharp Shooter
    • Put 8 SP into Stationary Fire 1
    • Put 1 SP into Mobile Fire
    • Put 5 SP into Stationary Fire 2
    • Put 5 SP into Advanced Precision Hit 1
    • Put 6 SP into Advanced Precision Hit 2

    Though not optimal, this should give you better damage overall.

On both Trees, from lv75 to lv80 do not spend your Skill Points, then max the High Level Bonus Skills once they unlock.

Also, if you haven't already, make sure that you get your weapons to at least +30 with their Potential unlocked. If you don't have anything better, it may be a good idea to grab the Revolsio Rifle and/or Launcher from the Collection File since they are already +30 and are decent low-end 13* weapons.

@AndrlCh Thanks! 👍 👍 👍