Unable to output Jaapanese Text

Hello, currently there is a problem with the global game's text in regards to players outputting Japanese text. If you try to output any text that is not English such as Japanese characters, nothing will happen.

If I for example type, "こんにちは" and hit Enter. The Japanese text will disappear to be sent but will not be outputted. Similarly this applies to auto chats and bulletin boards in personal rooms and Alliance Quarters, where an error prompt will appear saying there is nothing to display.

Japanese text can still be outputted by players but only on specific text boxes like post UQ boxes from Lilipa Base UQ, Shops, ARKS IDs and Chat Shortcuts.

I had sent a ticket to report this bug, however the reply I got was support simply saying the game is only in English and does not support Japanese Text, despite the game being able to run in Japanese Text with NPC's being able to output Japanese text and players to some limited extent. I had replied with that in mind, however support decided to close the ticket regardless without a word and does not appear to want to look into the issue further despite the above.

Please fix the text bug, Thank You.

Just because you can set the game's interface to Japanese as well as set Japanese voices does not mean this version of the game supports Japanese communication.

If the ticket reply stated that they only support English, then that's probably all they support.

There could be any number of reasons why they do not support it. It could be as simple as the game masters not understanding Japanese and not being able to deal with reports coming in with the Japanese language or a report made about something that was said in Japanese.

Basically, if you want to communicate in Japanese, go play on the Japanese server. Support for this game is only in English.

Being able to set the game's interface to Japanese as well as have Japanese voices is a bonus and ported over from the Japanese version, but that's all it is... a bonus. It is not an officially supported language for communicating between players or even between players and game masters on this server.

The reason he can't type Japanese in most places isn't something I can see that was done on purpose though because for example you can't even use alt + enter to linebreak in the NA verison of the game as it eats your message too in the exact same way.

It just seems like they introduced some weird bug and besides this alt + enter thing it only affects people typing other languages so no one cares to have it fixed. Which is a bit funny considering this is supposed to be "global" now, but if I type accented letters (like é) or other various letters used by other languages same thing happens.

今までは「NA」って表記を使ってあくまで北米Verとして運営していたけども先のアップデートから公式もglobalのハッシュタグをつけるようになった今、33ヵ国でDL出来るようにしただけでタイプ出来る言語は英語のみはあまりに乱暴だと思いますね。上の発言でも言われているけども日本語のテキストとボイスが選択できるのはあくまでボーナスだから日本語でやりとりしたいなら日本鯖へ行けと。それならコッチの日本語表記も日本語ボイスも切替できるようにするのはさっさとやめて、オリジナルの日本語テキストや日本語のボイスが聞きたいなら外国の人たちも日本鯖で遊べばいーじゃんって理屈になるよね?でもさ、そういうケンカ別れみたいなことがしたいワケじゃないんだよ。言語は違えど同じゲームを好きで遊んでる同じ仲間じゃん。まぁもうNGSが発表された今となっては今更JPにしろNAにしろ大きな変更は難しいと思うけども。ようはNGSでリージョンなんか関係なく世界中の人が1つのサーバーで各々の言語で表示しながらみんなで一緒に遊べればそれが一番幸せになれる道なんだろうから、どういうカタチで遊べるようになるのかは勿論現時点では誰もわからないけど、少しでもソレに近い世界になるように願いながら待つしかないよね。have a good arks life!