Would love to see Outfits that doesnt have a duration end

Hey guys, really bummed out i ended up missing out on the Ragol Memories pack (the outfits only not the $60.00 version) I had credit card in hand saw it was still there next thing i know BOOM! next page tells me it doesn't exist anymore. And i was just ready to purchase the Ragol memories and i think its super hilarious of this happen, the reason is right when i attempt to purchase, 50 seconds later it vanished. I read the JPN forums and saw they offered Ragol Costumes back in 2013 i think, i really hope they come back, and i really wish SEGA would just leave them for sale, And love this game so much, knowing i dont have to pay to win here, and can enjoy the other goodies like the outfits. But would be cool if this was implemented through across the game, that includes MAG skins, and i sadly missed out on the Dreamcast MAG during the time of availability.

The Ragol Memories Packs don't give the actual Outfits, rather, they give you Ragol Memories which you then trade for the Costumes/Accessories/etc at the Badge and Memories exchange NPC.

Both the Steam Store and MS Store have the "Ragol Fashion Pack 2nd" available for 30USD, which is a revision of the older "Ragol Edition" and "Ragol Fashion Pack", which includes 10 Ragol Memories, 1 Black ARKS Badge (instead of 30 Days Premium and a Gold Mission Pass Ticket), and 12 AC Scratch Tickets.

Is it possible that you somehow ended up on the older "Ragol Edition" or "Ragol Fashion Pack" pages which are no longer available for purchase?


Hey brother listen you are a life saver, im purchasing this on steam next friday! Listen i applogize for any confusion. I got a little confused i notice, that you actually cannot go the the link in steam thats no problem, just was wondering why its listed, but i bookmarked the pages, going to tell some of my other friends! You know if SEGA will have the 2nd edition of Ragol Fashion for a limited time or, permanent DLC? Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!! finally an answer!!

As for the pack, i am just thinking it was there, here is an example, like lets say im looking for a GPU on craigslist and i want to purchase but time i hit F5 to refresh page i'd get the "Sorry ad isnt available anymore" (But oh god could never order from such) And i think thats what happened to me but i am happy that its on steam now i play PSO1 & 2 daily first game was always important to me, kept me safe and escape from reality, and my great uncle passed away around the time and needed something to take me away from the reality 😢 Thats why the game(S) mean so much to me and SEGA as well.

Thanks once again.