Hello hope everyone been safe! I have a question first and foremost i am using the steam version of PSO2 Are any of you having controller issues, sometime like late in game, my controller disconnects, i am using a Dual Shock 4, and XBOX ONE S gen 2 gamepad, both those controllers are bluetooth, and it drops. I have an old aftermarket 3rd party A-power controller which is for xbox one as well and it's "wired" and still disconnects but not as much as my steam controller, dualshock 4 or Gen 2. XBO gamepad And i played the hellout of another game(s) and those controllers im mention all work fine without a hiccup. And also the issue where the home button, i press doesnt bring up steam overlay and i like to have the web browser in case i get stuck in game and read a wiki guide versus having to minimize or, A. use my iPhone or B. use my massive iPad (which is annoying) I use controllers for RPG's and some racing games. I have searched and haven't found anything and went to steam forums, had no help, just people aren't helpful but rude, that doesnt bother me what bothers me is that i waste time, looking for an answer and this time google isn't my cheat sheet to find an answer.