Computer help?

Not really game related, just figure with all the PC gamers around somebody might know how to fix my problem.

I've got a laptop, Windows 7 (yes, I know it's virtually obsolete at this point), Gateway model NE56R13U. It's been giving me the "blue screen" for about a month which was irritating but mostly just meant the inconvenience of having to shut it off and restart.

But, lat time it happened it wouldn't simply restart. Instead I get a pair of errors, PXE-E61 and PXE-M0F, and a message about there being no boot-able device found and asking for a boot-up disc (which I don't have).

My search for solutions was less than fruitful, suggesting the obvious (using the boot disc I don't have) as well as the possibility that the hard drive had been jostled loose. Opening the case and fiddling with the hard drive only managed to make the monitor konk out. More fiddling managed to get the monitor to work again, but did noting to resolve the boot-up issues.

This leaves me facing the unpleasant possibility that the hard drive itself is damaged to the point of being unrecognizable, in which case all the files and such I have saved are toast and the cost of repairing it is likely so excessive I might as well buy a whole new computer. Which, honestly if I could afford to do that I wouldn't be here.

So, anyone out there have any suggestions or experience with this issue? Any ballpark estimates on how likely simply using a borrowed boot disc will resolve the issue long-term (or am I looking at having to use the disc every time and should just focus on getting all my stuff copied onto a back-up drive)? Or am I completely boned and need to sell my spleen to buy a new computer?

Based on your problem description, it seems very likely that the hard drive has failed. If that is the case, you should just have to replace the hard drive. Internal laptop hard drives shouldn't be too expensive. They are just 2.5 inch hard drives, rather than a desktop's 3.5 inch hard drive. Your only options would be to replace the computer itself, or replace the hard drive and re-install windows. You can easily get a Windows 7 disc for cheap and use the OEM key found on the laptop to re-install Windows (or just install Windows 10, which can be used for free with a few minor inconveniences).

EDIT: After checking further, it is definitely a failed hard drive, so you must replace it or the computer, whichever you prefer. If it is an older laptop, like you have said, it would probably be best to get a new computer, though, since after awhile, even with a new hard drive, it could slow down dramatically due to aging and heat damage.

@Ragnawind And, most likely, all my files, favorites, etc. are toast, too, right?

@zaffy2005 said in Computer help?:

@Ragnawind And, most likely, all my files, favorites, etc. are toast, too, right?

It might be possible to recover the data, but it depends on if you know someone with a desktop that can hook it up to their PC and see if the drive is recognized. If it is, it should be possible to at least recover the data. This can also be done by plugging it into an external HDD Bay that connects to a PC via USB, but either way, it would require a second computer to determine the state of the drive.

@Ragnawind I've got 2 other computers, just..both old as crap. Got my old laptop (Vista, and honestly amazed it hasn't completely died seeing as I bought it in 2006 but it IS chugging along at speeds barely rivaling dial-up) and a desktop running either Vista as well or possibly XP, I can't remember. In either case I'm not sure it'll recognize a Windows 7 drive, would it? Not that I have any way to hook it up since I don't have an external bay. Really, really kicking myself now for not having made back-ups for like, 2-3 years. Basically everything I've ever saved regarding PSO2 is gone.

I've thought about just pulling the drive out of the Vista laptop (Acer Aspire 3690) and slapping it into that the Gateway but from what I've read at best it still means losing all date on THIS drive as well, having to re-install the OS (which I don't know if I have the means to do that since I've only ever had pre-installed versions and apparently those don't count as "purchased licenses" to re-install) and may only delay the inevitable need to buy a whole new rig. Ugh. Times like this I really hate technology and wonder if the Amish are the true tech geniuses of the world.