Have we never gotten the Deluxe Edition items?

In JP, the Episodes has "Deluxe Packages" that could be bought in stores for cool unique items and i see that we don't actually have all of them, even when they were released for the Episodes we currently have.

For example: https://www.bumped.org/psublog/phantasy-star-online-2-ep-3-deluxe-package/

And https://www.bumped.org/psublog/phantasy-star-online-2-ep-2-deluxe-package/

Actually, we HAVE one of these packages, the Ep 4 one. We just call them the "Hero" and "Heroine" packs.


So......where's the other ones?

Will probably be in mission pass, FF.

Here's what we do have:

  • Episode 1 Premium Package: all those /Licht and /Nacht Camos that were Beta rewards. Originally Items Codes that directly gave the items.
  • Episode 1 Premium Package ver2: these were the PSU Ethan and Karen limited time SG Sales. Originally Items Codes that directly gave the items.
  • Episode 1 PSVita Special Package: these are the items in the Mission Badge exchange. Originally Items Codes that gave Badges that could be used to get the items from the Badge Shop.
  • Episode 4 Deluxe Package: these are the aforementioned Hero and Heroine packs. Originally Items Codes that directly gave the items.

The Episode 2 Deluxe package gave Badges for the items, so we might see them if they decide to release Mission Badge 2s. And I bet the Episode 3 Deluxe package items were going to be another limited time SG Sale before the backlash over them (maybe they were supposed to be up for sale at the same time as the PSPo2 Fresh Finds items?); maybe we'll see them as the Recommended Items in Fresh Finds at some point.

Didnt we get the sonic collab pack that came with 150 worth of goodies for 50 bucks.

Yeah I own a pso2 JP hard copy. The Rappy was nice but it's really all we didn't get. It was used as Summoner release promotion. But game came out here Summoner and already good quality of life for it. Like eggs on collection file.

All i really want from this is the Ep3 stuff, especially since I'm a fan of Portable and Portable 2 and both characters featured are from there.