Entered Tokyo Bonus Stage two. Got dced after 2nd round of mobs. Tried to access support, but page wouldn't load, so posting here instead to try and get some help.

The game was lagging a fair bit while doing the dailies but all went well until I entered the Tokyo silver bonus quest..After 2 rounds, the game just dced and I lost my key. I tried accessing support from sega, and they sent me here to pso2 support. Logged in, page just went all white and did not load. Could I get my key back please or at least speak to a representative??

From the offiical blog entry on Bonus Quests:

"Bonus Keys are consumed upon the start of the quest. If you disconnect from the server or abandon the quest, 
the Key will not be returned, so make sure you’re ready."

@AndrlCh So basically I can get fudged then. That's fair I guess.