Warframe (Any Fellow Tenno out there?)

Just out of curiosity I wanted to know how many fellow tenno play this game? Tenno are usually good to each other and it's just something I wanted to see. I know I still play both PSO and Warframe, but wanted to see if people are taking a break from Warframe (even after all the tennocon stuff) to play here or vice-versa. I also wanted to see if maybe someone knew who posted the excalibur symbol art with the meseta. I know I tried doing mother lotus but got so far as only making the logo which i accidently deleated. 😞 Was hoping someone would do a Nef or Baro Symbol art that I could use on my shop. All in all, stay safe and have fun.

I've been playing since closed alpha, still am but mostly only to complete nightwaves for the most part. I will check out Deimos when it releases but at this point I'm basically playing it casually.

Wasn't lucky enough to play the alpha, or run Excalibur prime, I jumped on as soon as it was available on xbox by a friends recommendation. Fell in love with it after I gave it a real chance. Been playing since then, but around the time PSO dropped, I was getting fatigued with the Kuva Liches and Empyeron which was fun but so many bugs made it almost unplayable. The nightwaves have been fairly fun and interesting to keep me logging in everyday, but I also have been playing it very low key 1to maybe 2 hours a day.

i played warframe since hydroid prime or PoE release

i remember how much we was getting back then and how FOR EXAMPLE nitain extracts were easy to get from alerts i remember gift from lotus was gold+silver potato + forma + some thing u dont care but u wanted to have

now what we have? some skins for weapons? glyphs? credits? as rewards from gift from lotus

after nightwave or we all lift (grind) together update things just went south and game went into give us money and gtfo state

i dont mind bugs if content is good i always will choose good buggy content over polished crappy content but what is happening with warframe now is just sad that much potential striving straight into the void

remember aura forma? that was good but do u remember stance forma? that is worth to have for exactly 2 weapons in the game? who need that? who asked for that? why we get it over idk universal forma everyone was asking for or even better universal exilus forma?

remember old blood (lich) update? RNG behind RNG covered by RNG on top of another RNG RNG for requiem mods (farming + discovering) > RNG behind lich appearance > RNG for weapon u care to find > RNG for either element or ephemera or weapon u didnt have already (without option for canceling lich if u get one u didnt want + u could get a lich by finishing lich trait or larving or whatever was the name just by accident and puff 3-5 hours grind to get rid of it) and ppl believed when they said "we are sorry we didnt know it will be that bad we are going to make process easier and less RNG" if you have a shop idk grocery one and u sell food there for 5 years u cant just come out of blue and make all prices higher and say sorry i was thinking it will be ok my bad and act like ur innocent

nerfing weapons and frames we love so we use different ones u know what if u like to eat apples and someone is making price of apples higher so u eat more oranges thats not good marketing tactic what u want to do is get more tasty oranges so u choose them over apples sometimes but de is like ehh fak that lets ruin the game for ppl that invested time and heart into grinding farming upgrading forming their stuff

1 good thing they did was universal vacuum for companions that was deal breaker for only helios option for all missions this is how u force players to use different stuff of same type so they are equally useful and not by making 1 thing worse so other looks better

and lets not forget brilliant move they pulled aka self damage transition into self stagger adding stagger effect to weapons that previously didnt have self damage < best idea ever u are staggering urself with ur weapon but it does not stagger enemies < perfect example of higher level of de logic

all i see in warframe is grind walls and time gates nerfs and "lets make something that looks and sounds cool but in reality it isnt" instead of content that is enjoyable anymore

and here i am seeing you looking for tenno well im not tenno anymore i know PSO from PSOBB times im not taking a break from warframe i just quit it since i dont see any future for this game its not going into any good direction however if any of you still enjoy it i wish u all best luck in it but start looking at what de is doing with the game instead of just playing it since 1 day u just like me will end up finding u self without a reason to log in again to game that was so much fun for u

Oh boy warframe, that was a long time ago, I have been on and off.

Played since just before Rhino Prime release if that shows how long ago that was for me, I keep hearing things about the new update drop so I might look at it again but I don't think I can really invest as much as I used to.

Also wouldn't this be better in the off topic gaming sub-forum?

I played Warframe and this is the second time I stopped playing the game, not that I hate the game I love it is just that I reached the point that wasn't funny anymore because I was in the point I was killing the entire map just pressing 1 button yes I'm talking about Saryn Prime and every time I was getting more and more stronger without any challenge, also DE nerfing stuff every time something fun was added.

I got no clue what Warframe is.

I looked it up now.

So cosmetics give stats in Warframe, I see.

Sounds P2W to me.

Oh yeah, that game with horrid mismanagement, a company that refuses to listen to feedback and adds random content into the game that they abandon a few weeks later, higher ups that attack their own partners because they disagree with their opinions and constant nepotism, to the point abusive chat mods were not only allowed to go wild, but one of them even dated a top DE employee.

I do remember that game, i used to like it.

@Pulptenks nope they don't, only some helmets in the past had a skill imbued to then but is something like 50 armor or things like that and the value is so low that it won't affect at all the gameplay, what affect the game is the mods that are a huge quantity but only some are really worth it and you can get all the mods just playing the game

@Jamesmor said in Warframe (Any Fellow Tenno out there?):

@Pulptenks nope they don't, only some helmets in the past had a skill imbued to then but is something like 50 armor or things like that and the value is so low that it won't affect at all the gameplay, what affect the game is the mods that are a huge quantity but only some are really worth it and you can get all the mods just playing the game

Well that's good to hear. But upon doing researches it's what it shows a lot. and $60 for a frame, I don't know, it's hefty. It seems way too much sci fi focus for me. I like Fantasy stuff mostly which is why PSO2 more niche to me. But if you have fun with it, more power to you.

Also I'm not sure what they mean by Ninja play for free, seems very Alien focused.

@Pulptenks you probably found info about the prime frames, their prime bounds are quite pricy but everything in the game can be grinded however RNG is pretty bad sometimes when opening the relics for the prime parts, also in Warframe the Ninja Play for free is called Ninja farm for free because is the only thing you do

@Pulptenks said in Warframe (Any Fellow Tenno out there?):

Ninja play for free

It's their slogan, they're saying the game is F2P.

Helmets used to have abilities tied to them, but it was removed. And yes, stuff is expensive, especially Prime Access which is ridiculously overpriced.

Let's also not forget that crafting ANYTHING takes actual IRL hours, if not DAYS. In order to make a Warframe, you need to create 3 different pieces [each taking an entire day to craft, although if you have materials, you can just craft all 3 at the same time to hurry up] and then you have to wait 3 ACTUAL DAYS to craft the Warframe itself. Many weapons follow a similar theme, taking hours or days to make, and some require OTHER WEAPONS to make.

Ah, but of course, you can just pay for each craft to be instant and the price increases depending on how long the craft is.

The game is very much like PSO2, pay for convenience. Far as I know they don't have a pay monthly for convenience just yet or lootboxes but I also haven't played in a long time. Challenge was about on par with PSO2 which is to say not a whole lot but the gameplay makes up for it.

Warframe makes no apology or excuse for what it does. Its made to be a grind because that's it's gameplay loop, it was designed on purpose to be this way.

Yeah, I luckily had the arcane helmet installed and sold it for a very nice price. I honestly never paid for any content in all my time playing. The most i ever payed was $20 for the tennocon bundles which usually go to charity as the company does a lot of charity events. Before the market crashed with the introduction of relics I was making very much to $500 weekly on sales in the game. That is if you convert the price of the premium money, (example $5 is = 70 SG, or $5= 75platnium)

All frames, weapons, etc are farmable and anyone can get them in day 1, there is no real this person before this and even if you buy the packs it's not really pay to win as you aren't getting ahead or "winning". For the most part the game remains skill based and knowing how to mod your weapons is still key, sadly with the introduction of rivens, meta weapons are still meta and people hate when they get nerfed for obvious reasons. The best thing however is they always try to buff everything else before nerfing.

I always found the grind wasn't that bad (excluding kuva liches). You don't need every weapon, and you can always trade your items for plat and buy space. I used to spend hours in the market. My friend bought me Ivara prime as a birthday gift and I am still sitting on all that plat. But I did lose money on arcanes because they made them almost worthless, especially when they got rid of a fun mode called raids, which i used to run with friends and clan memebers.

The 2 major problems facing them is that the company listens too much now. The used to always listen and still do to their playerbase. But they try to make everyone happy and end up screwing over someone, mostly the veterans as they are trying to get more new people into it. They have also been rushing content and just non stop dropping content after content and it can get a little overwhelming (similar to pso rush to reach japan.) I used to enjoy my time in Warframe when there was nothing to do as I could choose what to do on my time, and take a break and not over play the game. There where always moments of resting where if you did everything new you could farm for rare items to sell, or do other things. Now it's event here, or new content there. The game is still enjoyable if you don't stress it but DE is still IMO one of the better game developers. They love their game and their fans, sometimes just a little too much.