Height Restrictions, Remove or Stay?

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I have lots of japanese friends on PSO2 JP, and no one, literally no one use the term loli to refer to pornography.

Loli or Lolikko, is only refer to the appearance.

Lolicon or Lolita Complex is only refer to the sexual attraction.

So calling someone "lolicon" is very derogatory, but in Japan they only use that word for fun.

If you really want to accuse a person of pedophilia, you have to call them hentai lolicon.

I have spent enough time with Japanese people to learn about these things. It is useless to make Western generalizations on terms that are not even yours.

Nobody read what I said here before.

Hi all,

By OP request, locking this thread, as it has derailed from the original topic and pertinent points have been expressed already. Again, these feedback threads are wonderful for us to have to ensure that the game is supportive of its community and their opinions, but please remember to critique in constructive–and non-inflammatory–ways.