Height Restrictions, Remove or Stay?

@ApollosAmour Yes, specifically the trolls. Say they had simply stated the censorship should stay, explain their reasoning, as that's within the rules, and leave, then it would have been on the side against censorship to ignore it as the trolls had ignored us. Hell, even you can see how quickly some were against following simple and fair rules.

Oh wait, that's right, all of the people that don't want censorship for one reason or another, are basically just one guy, with multiple accounts, according to one of the trolls. I could say the same in regares to those for censorship, but that would sound just as nutty, as each of us all have a different way of typing. There are only a couple of people I'd say have sentence structures that match, but both of those accounts already got banned.

I'm getting really tired of hijacked threads, and most of those for censorship, are trolls by their very actions and nature. They are by no means adults. You, and one other are the rare exception to that, and I'm sure even the GM's are noticing that pattern. Those that can't be adults about the topic, typically are the first to use sarcasm, and personally attack anyone they don't agree with, and by doing so, defeat their own argument.

I treat respectful people with respect, and toxic, and childish trolls with disdain, and I block them. You haven't been blocked for the very reason I mentioned earlier. You don't resort to petty and childish tactics, to convey your point.

I've been at work, just got home and I find this thread further contaminated.

But do moderators exist in this forum?

Is it possible that few people are able to take control of the topic?

If you really care about this censorship and think it's the majority, why is it just you?

@ApollosAmour @Guardian @IAMCRAIG-0 Guys, how much do they pay you for doing this?

No one else on this forum, but literally no one else, thinks like you do. And don't say it's not true, because this thread is constantly leading the recent forum topics, anyone can see it like spam. Where is this majority that wants censorship?

The truth is, the majority don't care and they simply ignore the argument, many other people want the censorship removed, and a very tiny group want the censorship to remain.

It's like 80% don't care and ignore, 19% is for the removal of the censorship, 1% is pro-censorship / trolls / cancel culture and other obscure organizations

after looking for some time i want to say a poll with 100 replies in thread with 400 views in lesser viewed subforum of game just now celebrating 1 million player is not representative of players

considerations are made when moving product to larger audience, value and enjoyment isnt removed for me by sega maintaining their decision

thank you and i hope thread can de-escalate back to being individual opinions

Edit : i made a thread to suggest in game poll system to allow accurate statistic feed back from player base

@Michelle There were a few others, a couple religious zealots that insulted anyone who weren't of their religion, and some just touting a moral high ground a while back, so it wasn't just these three. Those other accounts I mentioned, all got banned for violating the forum guidelines.

@ApollosAmour shouldn't be roped in with the other two, as I respect the fact that he's had the common decency not to make things personal, and has the ability to debate on a topic with respect, and doesn't try, at least from what I've seen, to goad people into hate filled arguments, that go nowhere, so I'd ask that you please keep that in mind in the future.

As for Craig, he was banned for being Craig. His most recent posts, paint a large enough picture of his demeanor. Even so, I don't think anyone's paying him, as he seems to get joy from some of his antics.

My point is it's not just three people that want censorship to stay. A simple majority rules survey would have been a better solution to what we currently have. But there are a few, who don't even want that as a possibility, as they fear they may be in the minority, thus the thread derailment. If they weren't, they would have simply followed the rules like everyone else was doing. It would have at least had the potential, to get the GM's, or those that employ them, to consider creating a legitimate voting poll.

First edit: In response to Tigers post. I will not be replying further, and I'd ask that anyone who has already made their views known, to please refrain from posting further as well, to get the the thread back on track.

Second edit : And now I'm blocking Craig because he couldn't state why he wanted censorship to stay, and move on. Nobody twisted words, as anyone can literally go back and read all of his posts.

I was literally banned for cursing someone out for saying transpeople were more likely to be pedophiles than anyone else, Anarchy Marine. Stop trying to twist it to your narrative that you're all victims of 'pro' censorship posters.

These threads are literally filled with the same 10 (give or take) people with a few posts by people with one post to their name interspersed with people dogpiling anyone with a dissenting opinion until more than 2 posters show up to say why this exists in the first place, mocking the willful ignorance and mental gymnastics used to paint the removed scenes as anything but gross (example: "Sure this one character did something sexual to an underaged child, but another scolded them, so everything is alright! No foul!"). Then roundabout statements where some posters here have called people posting arguments against their opinion the 'actual' pedophiles for caring so much about this, to redirect the focus to them rather than the argument.

At this point, the 'anti-censorship' crowd has shown their true colours, that they are nothing but disingenuous with their intentions and calls for fair debates and polls . Whether you're misguided and want the censored scenes and heights restored for legitimate reasons or not, you deserve the open mockery of the internet for all of these posts from association alone.

@IAMCRAIG-0 said in Height Restrictions, Remove or Stay?:

Whether you're misguided and want the censored scenes and heights restored for legitimate reasons or not, you deserve the open mockery of the internet for all of these posts from association alone.

Thank you for the further discrimination against me. You deserve another ban.

@IAMCRAIG-0 Answer my question:

Why do you care so much this argument on this forum? Do you have any reason in particular?

To be honest, he's just trying to "win" some internet points, the bragging rights of "being right".

One person mentioned the Matter Board.

As barely as I remember, Ep4 didn't use the matter board system anymore (before changing to the omnibus), but instead a line of cutscenes with branches to the subplots, not too different from the omnibus itself.

The bath scenes were on those branches, and one of the latter ones unlock a bonus boss fight.

I am for removing any extraneous restrictions and modifications.

I always prefer to see content the way it was designed, without regard for local differences or customs. This goes for everything I see. Books, movies, music, games, etc.

@Anarchy-Marine Yeah, every one of these threads is doomed tbh. I saw the same claim being pushed by both sides (see below about me being "paid" lmao), and it's really silly. People are obviously very heated about the subject, so it makes sense that it'd be infectious like it is.

Thanks for that, I think you're pretty reasonable too. I had to block several people myself, for the same reasons you mentioned. I saw your later post too btw, so don't feel obligated to reply.

@Michelle I wrote up a response, but then I got to your final sentence and I don't know what to say anymore. It basically nullifies everything you said before it. That is the point though. Majority don't care, minority does, smaller minority takes issue with other minority. That part about being "pro-censorship / trolls / cancel culture and other obscure organizations" is bizarre though and you should feel pretty silly writing that. I can't imagine any organization paying people to be involved with such a small, insignificant issue (but if they are, hey hit me up lmao).

@ApollosAmour Forget what I wrote before, it was only due as a result of what I saw on this forum. So it's basically also your fault.

I have already asked a question, but I have not received an answer from the other user. And now I ask you: why so much effort to stop our complaints? We're just trying to ask SEGA to remove some unnecessary censorship. And you spend all your time going against us and making us look dishonest. But do you realize what you are doing? Now please answer the question. Why so much effort? You have to tell me why. It's a simple question, don't try to hijack again.

@Michelle Excuse me? Don't start blaming me or throwing demands my way. lol I don't pretend to be entitled to anything from you, so don't try that with me.

I think you're misguided here. I've never said you're not allowed to share your opinion or have tried to silence you. My point is and always has been, be honest. You were honest with me before. You said you like loli and you want the cap removed so you can play a loli character. I said thanks for being honest, but since that's probably why the cap was added, you won't get very far toward that goal. Simple exchange that could've ended there. However, this is a free discussion and there's other people sharing their opinions so I'm free to continue to share my opinions with them as well. Since neither of us left, naturally we crossed paths again. If I'm not mistaken, what you're saying is: "we should have our own threads where we can discuss at length our reasoning for wanting the changes reverted without any vocal opposition from others." Is that correct?

@ApollosAmour said in Height Restrictions, Remove or Stay?:

I said thanks for being honest, but since that's probably why the cap was added, you won't get very far toward that goal.

I didn't understand the motivation, but I know where you want to go. You mean we're all pedophiles, right?

You also formulated the sentence with a probability, so it's not something you can prove, but it's something that only you thought. That's why your behavior is totally wrong towards users. This is your mistake.

If I'm not mistaken, what you're saying is: "we should have our own threads where we can discuss at length our reasoning for wanting the changes reverted without any vocal opposition from others." Is that correct?

I never said that, it would be a good idea, but unfortunately impossible. For this users have tried with the polls. Otherwise what other methods do we have?

In the end, the fault lies in SEGA's lack of communication.

I want SEGA to tell us openly that it is not possible to remove censorship. Only in that case we will all give up, me in the first place.

@Michelle Prepare for a wall of text lol

First point: that's not what I'm saying. I believe that there's a multitude of reasons why someone would be attracted to loli or shota content and the distinction between fantasy and reality factors largely into that. Being honest myself though, I do find it questionable when it comes to light that someone is primarily into that content and it's littering their entire online presence. I can only compare it to my love for older masculine men, which is pretty strong (lol), so I can't help but draw that conclusion in cases such as that (although I have to say I've played games without them and was perfectly fine with it, but I digress). I may not personally like people like that, but it's not something that needs to be relevant. However because of how strong the emotions are regarding this topic and the constant denial that those preferences affect the desire to reverse the changes at all, the more important it is that people stop lying and just tell the truth.

I'm more inclined to respect the argument that someone wants to make loli characters because they like loli than going around in circles for hours about anything but that only to find out that's what it's been about the entire time. Just my take.

About the second point: fair enough. I just wanted clarification on that. Because this is an open forum, there will always be debate and criticism and fighting regarding an array of different topics. I understand that you'd like to have this discussion without strong opposition or vitriol, but it's just not possible on this forum with this topic. It's not about anyone being silenced, it's about tempers rising so high and opinions being so set in stone that there's no helping it spiraling out of control. My best advice would probably be to organize a discord server where you can discuss these topics and control the flow of traffic to where you don't feel antagonized. It would also clean up the boards too so that this isn't the only issue being discussed. Don't take that as me telling anyone to go away either, it's just a peaceful resolution on the issue.

That last part I do have to disagree with. I see people saying that an answer from Sega would give people closure, but in reality I think it'd add more fuel to the fire. If Sega were to say anything about it, it'd be followed with a slew of "why"s instead of a content "OK".

This thread is on the way to derailsvile rn