Height Restrictions, Remove or Stay?

@IAMCRAIG-0 You don't have to, but you are speaking in circles, considering you just now included France in the discussion, when we just showed you there are multiple usages of the same word. This also isn't the first word in the world's history, to have multiple uses, and or meanings. Context matters, always has always will, and when you remove context, you are being disingenuous, and dishonest, with the others reading.

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@IAMCRAIG-0 You don't have to, but you are speaking in circles, considering you just now included France in the discussion,

Did...did you literally not read the quote?

@Anarchy-Marine all have been disingenuous, look at past 15+ pages. it is same things different page since the beginning after few in thread stated their mind

@Anarchy-Marine Sorry to keep butting in. But I say let him be. He's angry enough at what's going on here. I'm actually imagining his current face expression right now is not too different from his forum avatar. If he and the other guy want to blanket label us as P words, it's just their misguided and hate filled opinion. Nothing will happen just for having someone somewhere in the world thinking you are something you know you are not. I mean, if I ever believed everything I've been told both on the net and on my face, I'd be a clump of very unpleasant things, impossible to even describe. So, before GM Sohee comes and closes or deletes this thread (it will happen for obvious reasons), can we go back to the sole topic of height and it's restrictions here?

@IAMCRAIG-0 Ok, I'm sorry, written in English, yes, but it was still published in Paris. That's in France. Your deflecting my point, and you literally just took my words out of context.

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The Lolita novel was also a Russian thing, so that's the Russian usage, not the Jappanese usage.

And since you refuse to read it, what I quoted earlier was that the book was made by an russian-american man that published the book first in france then later had it translated into russian.

So no it wasn't a 'russian' thing. Also I'll let you figure this out on your own, but what language comes to mind when you see the word Lolita?

@ZorokiHanuke Well hopefully he isn't making faces like that, because that's how you get deep wrinkle lines, and you age yourself faster. And yeah, I've said all I need to about language, he just keeps deflecting onto other topics, and I feel the need to correct inaccuracies he brings up, just as bad as he feels the need to correct everyone else's. I treat others how I wish to be treated, yet when someone is actively mistreating me, I return it in kind, and it's not often the best solution.

Height is the topic, and should remain so.

@Anarchy-Marine I definitely know the feeling. I have some wrinkles earned in my 30's for always being angry. As for what's going on, I can't demand anything. not my forum, not my thread. I just wanted to show at least a sliver of respect to OP, even on what could be this thread's last rites. For now I'll be going, but if the thread is alive when I return and I can contribute anything about just the height part, I will.

@IAMCRAIG-0 Current generation would be Jappanese, but before I saw that in Anime, I had never heard the term, and yet you just gave evidence, that English speakers had used the term, at least in France, given the books publishing in Paris. That, or it's a Russian translation of another English word. I'd have to go and research the words meaning, the same way I'd research the translation of English words used in the bible.

That said, this topic is on height, and should remain there, as we have already addressed that there are multiple meanings to some words, and the meaning, changes based on the context used, a fact you can't escape.

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Edit: upon further Googling, I found that in 2007, a film adaptation was made, and was allowed to be shown in the U.S. I'd be more concerned about U.S. authorities than the Japanese if I were you.

It's generally considered a classic work of literature and, I feel like it's a bit weird that I have to tell you this, the child molester who explicitly grooms a young girl with the intent to impregnate her so he can continue being a horrible person even after she grows up is very, clearly, not a good guy. He may be the focal character of the narrative but he's an absolute monster and you are in no way intended to sympathize with him. The book was somewhat revolutionary for the fact that it didn't shy away from the horror of what this man does or his internal narrative wherein he paints himself as a perfect gentleman and romanticizes a child, convincing himself that she was leading him on and such.

Which is why the book, its title Lolita inspired terminology like Lolita-complex stemming from the main character's sexual obsession with the titular character and why, generally speaking, phrases that descend from it like "Loli" are rather inherently coded and tied with the book and its content and characters.

"We use it differently" in reference to niche internet anime culture is not sufficient excuse or defense given that people are still using it to refer to characters who, specifically, look childish. Which is what this entire discussion, more or less, has been about. It's not using it differently at all, it is a coded dogwhistle to admit to the attraction and interest in a childish character without explicitly saying it, I broke it down a few pages ago and I'll do it again for you if you really need me to. Your comparison of the modern queer slur falls completely flat because a bundle of sticks literally has no relation to it being used as a slur against homosexual men. (There's a popular, though ultimately unsubstantiated, urban legend about this we can get into if you want - but the truth more likely than not has far more to do with the far, far more frequent usage of femininity as a masculine insult given that the original context of the word generally is used to refer to older women who gathered bundles of sticks.)

Even Lolita fashion does share some ties to the book, though they're very loose and tenuous as aside from the name and the occasional cultural overlap between street fashion culture and otaku culture there is relatively little to connect these three dots. Lolita fashion, by and far, is about an idealized portrayal of pure femininity almost like how the main character of the novel obsessed over the titular girl, but without the sexual depravity - taking much inspiration from western dress and fancifully expanded upon to create elaborate artwork display intended to celebrate and enrich the wearer's sense of self and whatnot.

I enjoy how they switched gears from crying about civility earlier on, to making multiple passive-aggressive insults towards me. It really is a good show of character.

@IAMCRAIG-0 Cool, isn't it? You call them the P word, you say they wank to little human minors, they call you angry face. I think that's one heck of a bargain.

@Nuebot Ok, that still doesn't mean that such a niche group, as you call them, wouldn't still associate any of the words they do, in the manner in which they claim to, defeating that dissertation, as well thought out as it is. I also don't see it as niche, as I see it everywhere online, in many parts of the Anime community. And trust me when I say, I've been to many forums, thread topics, and meme communities based around Anime, and they all use this terminology.

Again, we are off the topic of height, because of the words someone chose to use. If I commonly use a word, in a way, others don't use it, that doesn't make me any better a or worse, a person than you are.

Edit: Here's a for instance. A woman called me ignorant, because I use the term Anti-social, to refer to my usually, and otherwise non sociable nature. She was referring to the psycological term, which if you read the definition, is all over the place, and doesn't really match what many would attribute to as being an Anti-social person.

Anti usually means opposite, or as opposed to, not what it apparently means in the medical world. It's double speak of sorts.

@ZorokiHanuke @IAMCRAIG-0 I wasn't even joking when I made the comment about wrinkle lines, that was sincere. I had a friend that was angry all the time. Dudes barely in his thirties, looks like he's almost 50. He even lost hair from all the stress he was putting himself through.

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@Nuebot Ok, that still doesn't mean that such a niche group, as you call them, wouldn't still associate any of the words they do, in the manner in which they claim to

They explicitly do though! They literally, deliberately, do! And when called out on it they go "Uhhhhh no, we just mean something else" when they provably don't!