Height Restrictions, Remove or Stay?

I am for removing all forms of censorship from the game. Also you should probably add the twitter pole that was linked earlier.

Can we have no censorship at all thanks? I'd like to actually play the game and spend money, but you don't want me to. 😞

How many times must these threads be removed before you guys finally understand that you should keep it to just one?

I might disagree with her, A LOT, but at least keep all this on Luna's thread so the mods don't have to constantly shut it down when it derails.

Been fighting to remove it since day one. I doubt it will ever happen as SEGA NA is aggressively pro censorship but you have my vote anyway.

I absolutely vote for REMOVE the censorship on this game.

Wait, I just got here, and I find that this wasn't actually a bug, but an intentional censorship? Whaaat??????


Of course I vote for the removal of the height restriction.

Otherwise I can't play, I absolutely want to have the character as I created it in the JP version. This limitation makes no sense. Actually, it's really stupid, and besides, there hasn't been any notice from the publisher. I feel very angry right now.

I would like the restriction removed. Please.

I usually don't care about censorship, but this is worst. I vote for REMOVE this BS. Height restriction is too stupid. 🤦

The height restrictions as well as the other censorship has got to go! I'll open up a strawpoll if I have to. Done. Here's the link: https://www.strawpoll.me/20835205/r

Definitely want it removed- and I recommend anyone who needs reasons why to find the locked thread and read some- so many good reasons have been given and discussed at length. And I hardly have the motivation to re-iterate every point.

A few pages before it was locked I tried to get people to ignore the trolls who just spaz out to get the lock(Eternalchroniclesisprobablyeternalseraphonsteam-someonewhosebeenbannedmultipletimesfortrollingtheforumsformonthsonendandhasgotmorethanafewthreadslocked) but alas- didn't exactly work out.

Lets try to avoid that this time. It should be easy to discern critical debate(which is good- to avoid an echochamber of the same ideas)- and someone who just has no point trying to insult people who do want it removed. I'm all ears for those who want to give their reasons for keeping the restriction and why they believe it should stay.

Removal of all censorship in general would be best case scenario in my opinion. That's where my vote is. I want to experience the game in its entirety.

It's impressive how many people want the censorship to be removed, and it's also impressive the fact SEGA ignore all of them.... I've also noticed a decline in in-game users with each passing day.

I try anyway. I say: Remove at least the height restriction! C'mon SEGA, don't be fool.

Also I want to say another thing, is this thread really useful for the purpose?

I want the height restriction to be absolutely removed

I want an insta ban on anyone that uses the tag loli/shotacon in LB or in their character name, but we can't have everything.