Height Restrictions, Remove or Stay?

Greetings Everyone! 🗺

Since the main thread was locked due to derailing of the subject matter, I'd like to take a moment to set out some ground rules for this post to avoid what happened with the last:

  1. State whether you are for, or against the removal, nothing less, nothing more, E.G: I would/Wouldn't like the restriction removed. No follow ups with WHY you think it should stay or go, No moral High-grounds. clear feedback helps more than petty arguments from both sides and saves the GM's a headache.

  2. No arguments, No matter what your opinion, or any one else's opinion is, keep that out of this post, keep it civil and keep it on track, if anyone is posting more than stated, trolling or anything of the like, simply ignore it and type only if you are for/against removal.

This way, both sides can be heard and taken into consideration without the needless back and forth between people, therefore making it helpful feedback for the GM's to go over and/or submit to the Devs.

Thanks in advance.

Both, Both is good.

So is this just a vote-only poll for the official forum population? It's probably not going to be representative of the entire userbase you know. In any case, I vote for restoring the original content.

To reach the entire userbase would require SEGA to use their Twitter account for something other than announcements and retweets - which means they probably won't do it, so the forums are the best outlet for the topic. I'd love to be proven wrong though.

Speaking of polls, here's a Strawpoll; a fresh poll for a fresh thread where the subject matter is less confused or derailed. I strongly encourage all who visit the thread regardless of opinion to log their vote in this poll so we get actual, unambiguous numbers, even if you don't want to post your opinion in the thread - it would still be nice if you did, but we understand if you don't want to be named.

Anyway, my opinion? I'd very much like the height restriction removed. I want the product as it was designed and advertised; I understand if they want to censor certain things for NA audiences, but the character creator should not be one of those things - character creation is one of PSO2's major appeals, and removing features from it without warning or explanation is unacceptable. And if someone is abusing the non-restricted character creator for unsavory means, that's what the Report function is for.

I am against any form of censorship on this game. I want the censorship removed.

I vote to remove height restrictions.

I am for removing the height restrictions.

Let's have it the way the Japanese do.

I am against any censorship that has occurred in the transition from the JP client to the NA/Global client.

Remove the censorship.

Remove any type of censorship

Remove height restrictions

Remove the height restriction. 😞

Remove the restriction, it's just too annoying.

Please remove the restriction, don't support censorship.

Remove all manners of censorship, there's no reason for it to exist.