How Much should i sell Viel Cytus Armour for? [New Player]

So i am fairly new to PSO2 (level 52 thanks to Free XP tickets), and i just used some free SG (only 80) on a pull of a SG Scratch Ticket. (my First Pull), and i got Viel Cytus armour. It looks alright, but i kinda want other Armour, but i am lacking the Meseta (i only have 410k).

So the Question is, how much is this outfit worth, is it worth nothing? i searched the Personal Shop for other players selling it, but found nothing.

I don't think you can sell stuff from anything that you can purchase with SG, including the SG Scratch.

@Katsudon96 anything you purchase with SG is unfortunately not tradeable or sellable on the market. Sorry boss

@Tri-Edge Damn. oh well. Although i heard from someone that in JP, stuff bought with SG is tradeable...

@Katsudon96 Yeah this isn't JP. We got the short end of the stick here.

@ERICK001BC @Katsudon96 It depends on where the item's actually from. SG Scratch ticket items aren't tradable/sellable in JP either, but there are items that appear on the Fresh Finds shop in NA for SG that are untradable, but in JP they're tradable items (and aren't from Fresh Finds, because it doesn't exist). Some of the FF items are also originally AC Scratch items in JP.

@Akonyl I was referring to fresh find shop, mission pass, and some star gem items.

@Akonyl not just AC scratch, FUN scratch items also made on the FFS and Mission Pass. Cosmetics/Outfits on FFS and Mission Pass are just items from AC and FUN scratches that were tradeable but became untradeable on global.