Concert Buff Bug

I've seen a few people talking about a concert buff bug that seems like it could be used for possible unfair advantages.

After the timer goes and the buff disappears from your character menu it creates a bugged hidden tri-boost. Every concert attended on the same block would repeat the process.

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I have heard people confirm this. I can't leave myself logged in or my xbox on all day to confirm it but I am pretty sure I have seen people do this.

@ERICK001BC Thanks for the response! It's good to hear some more feedback on this.

I also know of the person OP is talking about and they shared details on it as shown.

Is it cheating? Eh... by the rules of the game it would be normally. Is it something they should ban for? Seeing as this is something that is very easy to exploit unintentionally, probably not. Based on the nature of it we've probably all done it and not realized it. IMO, if someone is doing it blatantly and repeatedly then yeah, but with a bug of this nature that would be hard to prove.

It wouldn't be the only boost bug as well. I remember another person (that we both know) mentioning a different one that I can't remember the details of. In the spirit of the game hopefully the overhaul that vanilla PSO2 will get come NGS will clean the code up in regards to that.