⭐ Name: Valor

⭐ Leader: Molly

⭐ Officers: ArchAstartes, GoodWheats, Moofey, Paxus

⭐ Type: Semi-casual

⭐ Active timezones: NA (Pacific - Eastern)

⭐ Language: English

⭐ Alliance requirements: Must have Discord, must be willing to contribute, must be willing to keep gear somewhat up to date

Valor is a new alliance aiming to provide a laid-back environment for those players both new and experienced that are looking for efficiency in their runs. Our leadership team comprises of both casual and hardcore players that have played PSU and PSO2JP, and we'll do our best to give helpful advice to those that are dipping their toes into PSO2 for the first time. Our current membership is a fun bunch and we're looking for other friendly and fun members to join our ranks. If you wish to join, please feel free to PM mere here, mail/whisper us in-game, or apply via the visiphone.