General Opinion on Ultimate Amduskia worth or not?

Hello, wanted to get everyone's opinion if this quests drop charts make it worth running over the other 2 ultimate maps since the loot format is different. I have been running it all week and am starting to feel like its not. It feels like they should of thrown in more unique drops in this map. Is there something I am missing here?

Part of it does depend on quickly you can clear. In all honesty, the clear times of some groups I've seen were atrocious. A lot of people don't care a second weapon type, so if the end boss becomes resistance to their weapon, their damage output is cut to a tenth. The effect applies to the weapon types that deal the most damage to the boss, so it often means the main damage dealers are affected.

With a good group, you can get some fast sub ten minute clears which may make it more worthwhile.

I like ultimate amduscia because it's really compartmentalized. If I want to just take a brief stint into ult I can do it and be done in 10 or so minutes with most pug groups. But so far I still feel my luck and enjoyment is higher in regular ultimate where I can loop around the maps with a full MPA and get lots more drops in general.

Personally, I have always preferred quests like Ult Amd where you have a defined beginning and end way more than the monotonous guru-gurus like the other two.

I like ult amduskia alot, compared to the other two ult quests, there is way more space to avoid attacks and stuff, clearing it also takes like 10-15 minutes(except if half of the people are undergeared).

Also Ultimate Amduskia drops way more Gixs for you as well.