50+ Short, to the point guides to help new Players

Hello. I've compiled a list of guides meant for new and returning players alike. Each video is usually around 2-5 minutes and only covers one specific subject and there's dozens more to come. I don't use all of the newly translated names in some of the first videos but I've been trying to research as much as I can now.

I hope this becomes of some use to you all here, especially to those who want to learn more before release.

PSO2 Basics Guides

Really nice videos, thank you for all the tips and info.

Very beginner friendly, thanks for this.

@Blac Thanks a lot, i am sure these will get a ton of views. Are these yours an will you be updating if there are changes?

Yeah I'll be redoing any that need changing, some already do. I spent a lot of time looking over lots of CBT footage to make sure I'm getting all the new terminology right and find any differences anywhere else.