Fresh Finds Has Been Pretty Stale Lately


Thanks for the reply, I completed the story over the course of my entire grind so if I didn't get it that makes sense then.

@Redex There was Spellbook which was released as a story completion reward and then there was one from the wedding AC that is supposed to be the "priest" reading and the female just looks like your reading a novel.


Probably the wedding AC, any clue on the name of it? (since it isn't the Spellbook one)


Thank u.

Well, it's official, Fresh Finds is coming back after maint with an entirely different recommended set:

I'm guessing the maid outfit or one of the other recommended pieces was sellable and they just decided to nuke it entirely instead. Wonder what'll happen to that maid set now.

I'll make sure you guys get what you really wanted. 🙂 TTS2.jpg

If it actually comes back via treasure shop, that'd be pretty neat. Though, I can't see anything on the pso2 site yet actually talking about the treasure shop coming in, yet.

@Akonyl I find it weird they went through the trouble of updating the online manual to remove mentions of Fresh Finds and replace it with Treasure Shop, including spending SG on the Treasure Shop to re-roll it.2020-08-31 17_21_45-Window.png Perhaps they want to double dip and have both FF and TS? Clicking on Treasure Shop though from the manual, just brings up a dead/non-existent link. That screenshot was taken yesterday. Curiously, both Fresh Finds AND Treasure Shop are missing from this page as of today. I'm trying to upload a screenshot of it but for some reason the forums wont let me 😕

EDIT: Finally let me upload the other screenshot of today 2020-09-01 15_58_59-Window.png


That jacket looks fly, cool stuff. (I have a similar black one in RL haha)

@Akonyl we better get it as compensation for the damage or no more cash from me,and I hope from much more.

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and thankfully nobody is preemptively aware of what is going to be 'featured' so nobody can get too upset that they missed something they may want...

I hate to burst your bubble, but people are definitely aware, and they're definitely steamed about it. People saw the featured items briefly before maint (I believe the switchover happened at 4am precisely but the server didn't go down for another few seconds after that), and one of them's a maid outfit.

alt text

I would be super surprised if they removed fresh finds entirely, they probably found out that an item was put up as sellable again and are trying to figure out a way to prevent sellable items from being listed, or something.

Ok, that maid and tea uniform look nice.

"May I take your order?" You'll find me in Franca's Cafe serving Navershrums.

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I'll make sure you guys get what you really wanted. 🙂 TTS2.jpg

Oh la la. Yes, yes please.

We'll just have to wait and see.

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Okay why did I have to come into this thread and see that maid I'm actually dissatisfied with how Fresh Finds is down. Maybe even a little angry.

But I know I WILL be angry if it comes back up next maintenance and there's no maid dress.

Well unfortunately....