Camera Bug?

Looks like the camera will sometimes shift upwards and the only way to fix it is to exit the game and relogin. However it always reoccurs shortly after. It's most noticeable in Franca's cafe, especially if you are wearing an ARKs Rappy suit. Hitting + or - does not resolve the issue. With the UI enabled, much of your character becomes covered.

Normal: 1212121212121.jpg

Bugged: 12121.jpg

Have you tried "Select Camera/Light" option of the quick menu? (if your quick menu doesn't have this option, swap the layout to basic types)

Using regular camera, or using some fixed camera then returning to regular camera might fix the camera, I hope.

Yeah, the bug seems to occur when you enter your PQ and then leave. When you come out, you no longer can see your character's feet. Switching between the camera views doesn't fix it unfortunately. It's easy to replicate.

Normal: pso20200828_182220_000.jpg

Bugged: pso20200828_182346_001.jpg

Given the clue of personal quarters, I could see this on my Xbox One S too.

I did, quit the game itself, run it again, log in and check the camera, go to personal quarter and back, check camera again. Indeed, it seems the camera shifted a bit.

Before going to personal quarters. 8-29-2020_12-18-23_PM-qkh1bg3x.jpg

After going to personal quarters. 8-29-2020_12-22-35_PM-5dstrzqe.jpg

Pretty likely to be a some kind of bug, it seems.

Can confirm, but pressing + on the NUM PAD fixes it right away for me, unlike the OP.

@Nimble-Banana said in Camera Bug?:

Can confirm, but pressing + on the NUM PAD fixes it right away for me, unlike the OP.

Maybe I could confirm this too. I've rather customized my key bindings, so I'm not sure what's the function of the + key, but pressing the key allocated to "Move Away from Character" function seems to fix this issue, at least on my XB1S.