Hey there! We're @HomeParty! We're an Alliance located on Ship 1 (Feoh), and our home is Block 67.

If you're searching for a highly competitive, endgame alliance brimming with perks, then I'm afraid we aren't what you're looking for.  That isn't what we aim to be.

We welcome newbies and vets alike. Younger and older players. LGBT people who want a supportive space, people with social anxiety, parents who can only play irregular hours,  people with disabilities who need regular breaks, and so on. There are no mic or activity requirements. Basically? We want to be an Alliance for the people who always wanted a team, but faced barriers or bullying joining one in the past.

All we need from you is to be a good person! We want to make a chill group who supports and builds one-another up. We're happy to answer any beginner questions, and no harassment or bigotry of any kind is allowed! Our goal is to make a family where everyone can feel @ Home!

Search up @HomeParty in the Alliance directory if you're interested in joining! Have a great day, and I wish you well in your search!