So I'm trying to gauge and figure out, what ship and where like minded people are at. As I'm someone who is blatantly new to PSO, as the last time I played any of the titles. Was back when the first one, was on xbox 360. That being said, I am trying to figure out where both content focused individuals are. As I'm in need of some active guidance at times (Managed to hit level 62 thus far). An also I'm trying to figure out if and where any RP Is at, specifically on Ship 2. I figure I may have just picked the wrong shit, despite being told ship was where it's at. Though I'm not entirely hung up or worried, about not RPing.

Anyways I write this post despite already being in an alliance, though it's activity is sparse. So I would maybe potentially leave it, and bring a +1 if I did. I would just need to make sure, if I do find a new alliance. It kind of fits my criteria a bit, which isn't a lot. Cause all I ask for is active player base, friendly and helpful people. As well as people who can make you feel like your home, straight away. Anyways sorry if this kind of post isn't typical to this section of the forums, or is misplaced. I just didn't really know where to put thismixed LF and question based post.