Add the ability to report players with inappropriate shop images/descriptions.

I was motivated to publish this thread because I have reported a few players with inappropriate images a few weeks ago but still see those player's shops in my searches.

This isn't just for me, but for players who deal with individual and institutional(systemic) oppression daily. If you are not impacted by the problem presented below, then please consider the viewpoints of those who are. Let others who are less privileged than you have a voice.


Players can express themselves in PSO2 by using images called symbol arts in the symbol art designer. Players can create symbol arts using the in-game editor or an external tool available online such as MalluleyBovo's editor. In addition, they can download symbol arts that have been already made and uploaded to the internet. One way to utilize symbol arts is to sell items in their own personal shop i.e. player shop and advertise their shops with a symbol art and a text description.

This amount of freedom allows users to place anything they like as an advertisement.

This iteration is functional. However, this level of freedom allows bad actors to advertise their shops with hateful images with the intention of establishing current societal forms of oppression targeted towards marginalized groups. Images with historical backgrounds that are meant to demean and humiliate people based on the status of their social group in a white-dominated society. To help prevent the proliferation of such content and empower affected players, players should be able to report players with inappropriate shop images/descriptions with as little hassle as possible.

Current System

Note that this is specific to Steam!

  • Players can...
    • Hide players with inappropriate shop advertisements by blacklisting them.

    • Report other nearby players for the following reasons:

      • Harassment
      • Obstruction
      • Abandonment
      • Cheating
      • Other
    • Prevent symbol art from appearing in public and private conversations.


  • Add the ability to report other players in their shop.

  • Add the report reason "Inappropriate shop advertisement".


  1. Player opens a player shop.

  2. Player clicks on the report button next to the back button: Image 1

  3. Player selects "Inappropriate Shop Advertisement" as the report reason in the subsequent report menu: Image 2

  4. Player hits send.

A Final Word

I have to stress that bigotry still exists, comes in all forms, whether it's a meme, a sentence, a law or the intended absence of one, and it is a problem, whether or not you are affected by it. And one way to solve bigotry is to empower people who are oppressed by it. Reporting other players who spread hateful messages is only one way to accomplish that.

Please consider how your reply in this thread may impact others.

I'm not sure if I am right but I think if you blacklist a player, their shop should vanish completely or atleast not show up for you with an SA on it.

I think the command was /blacklist [username] but don't quote me on that and once you add someone to it, I dont think you can currently remove them from it on Global/Na.

@SleeprunnerInc I think you can remove them now that we have the blacklist option in game. Before it wasn't possible due to how the friend/blacklist was replaced by xbox live.

I would agree that one should be able to blacklist a shop owner if they find the shop owner's wording or symbol art to be offensive. I've personally seen some pretty ugly things depicted in symbol arts and have myself wanted to blacklist such individuals, but had no way to. I wouldn't expect them to be banned or removed from the game, but I certainly would never want to communicate with or have anything to do with these kinds of players and feel the blacklist is adequate for erasing them from my existence.

Yes please, to blacklist a shop owner would be a great addition.

You people realize you can blacklist people and not be able to see their shops right?

I think you already can blacklist the bad actors by name, thus clear out the shop

You'd be reporting half of your Ship during concerts and a good chunk of the market.

Hi all. I'll forward this along to the team for consideration.

Almost Sept. 2021 and no way to report shop signs. Found a lot of child porn in them. Guess SEGA doesn't care.

@Maverynthia said in Add the ability to report players with inappropriate shop images/descriptions.:

Almost Sept. 2021 and no way to report shop signs. Found a lot of child porn in them. Guess SEGA doesn't care.

I'm wondering why GM-Deynger still (supposedly) bothers to forward thing to "the team" since they always ignore everything. No suggestion has been heard, and if it has been heard, nothing has been done with it.