Fresh Finds error:

Usage Restrictions: There is currently a problem with the selected function use is restricted for investigation Please check the player site for details

When I check the player site, I see nothing of the sort unless it's burried, know anything of why it's displaying this?

Its been like that for the past few days. I heard from another player there may have been someone who found a way to abuse the fresh finds and trade the merchandise to other players. Seeing the recent post of the devs cracking down on accounts for disobeying the terms of use seems to glue that right to the desk. It may be a while before they finish straightening everything out and reworking the shops.

@Dash-0 nope the fresh find problems can't be throw at players because it was a error caused by the publisher so the other times they ended up with the stuff there being tradable nothing happened to the players who bought before they noticed the mistake after all it was their fault for putting stuff that was tradable in the first place and not checking if it was working correctly

@Dash-0 fair, I'll keep watch and see any changes

Fresh Finds has been down since 8/19 maintenance. And it has gone done each maintenance, ever since that one issue with the sellable Fresh Finds. It was usually only down for a day or two, but this is getting a little ridiculous now. I thought they would have fixed this issue by now. That Fresh Finds screen cap looks nice too. That was between the refresh period and server maintenance, which is only about a one to two hour window.

ok, so im not the only one this is happening to, i find it odd that i cant find a official announcement on this problem, i just joined the game saturday, so im not even sure just what fresh finds is in the first place.